#68 corrupt looking video after using drag corners to pan


Choose fixed region and checkdrag corners to pan. After starting the recording move one of the 4 corners of the region and then stop the recording. Watch the video and after moving the region the whole video turns 90 degrees and is warped. It gets worse each time you move the region. It happens with all encodings. This is with CamStudio_Setup_v2.6b_r294_(build_24Oct2010). I tested 2.0 version and it works fine.


  • Rob Jaric

    Rob Jaric - 2011-12-19

    CamStudio V2.6 installed on Win7x64 on notebook with FHD disp 1920x1080.
    Set fixed region, selected capture area, video skewed 45deg when captured video is viewed.

    Changed resolution to 1366x768 and there is no problem ???

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I am using windows 7 64bit and I7. It has Nvidia GTS 360M and I tried changing the resolution to 1366 X 768 and the problem was still happening. While recording I move the corner to pan. Then after watching the playback it is skewed by 45 degrees. I tried changing the resolution to the lowest at 800 X 600 and the same problem exists. The auto pan works fine.


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