#46 "Unable to open video file" followed by total data loss


When stopping a recording, I often get the error message “Unable to open video file” after entering the file name for where to save the video. After the message, the video data is deleted and everything is gone. The effect is total data loss.

This appears to happen only for longish videos, not for short ones. It is not a hard disk space issue. I suspect that CamStudio fails to work with video files that are larger than a certain maximum size.

Of course, the ideal fix would be for it to simply handle videos of any size or length. However, if this proves difficult, a quicker solution maybe to alert the user that the file is too large and offer to split it up automatically, then prompt for separate file names for each part. Of course, the important part is not to lose all the video data, but to save it.


  • JanHgm

    JanHgm - 2010-07-26

    As Camstudio is using MicroSoft Video For Windows (VfW) it nowadays suffers from the VFW restriction that an AVI can not be larger than 2 GB.
    If larger than 2GB you cannot open the file with the majority of the player applications. If I remember me well VirtualDub would be able to open your file and you can use it to reconstruct a new one.
    In the near future we hope to implement OpenDML or DirectShow for AVI recording.
    Till than, be careful and save before your file is over 2GB.

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