#2 Hiding Images and other things...


Before I start making suggestions, let me say this is a
great tool for freedom of information.

I have one problem, how do I hide images. A picture is
worth a thousand words and in some countries can get
your ass killed. Going beyond images how do I hide
other content: .pdf, .doc, .zip, .rar, .exe whatever.

Instead of a list of "Encrypted GIF Images in
Webpage..." I'ld like to see a list of files.

Maybe this is beyond the original scope of this project,
but think of the possibilities.


  • thePull

    thePull - 2002-07-18

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    You can a: link to files, like I do in the They Live image on the
    QA site... or B: base64 encode files and use a tool to bring
    them out as one of SF's demo gifs talk about.

    Some picture images may be able to go inline, base64
    encoded. You have to research how to do this. I know jpeg is
    not one of them. Except with mhtml files which is not a
    format I support (I think).

    Basically, binaries are not threatened by sniffers, so if the
    only link to them is in the gif file no one will know what their
    content is at the ISP level.

  • thePull

    thePull - 2002-07-19
    • priority: 5 --> 3

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