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I work for Electronic Arts!

Yup, just got a job at Electronic Arts Canada located in Vancouver... I'll be shipping out in the next few weeks!!

As for the C++ stuff, I'm suprised it doesn't work.. I just installed XP back on my comp. and am getting VS Express right now.. I'll try it out as soon as I install it.

- Justin

Posted by Justin Reynen 2004-09-18

C++ Details


I know it's been a while, but I've been getting plenty of messages about getting CaLua to work with C++ code.

Exposing C++ member functions to CaLua is possible. You just have to remember that C++ uses the __thiscall calling convention, which passes a hidden extra parameter (the 'this pointer'). So, make sure you declare your member functions that you want to expose as either __stdcall or __cdecl. You also can't use the this pointer in any of the functions.... read more

Posted by Justin Reynen 2004-09-10

My Current Project

The web-site for my current project is

I've moved from developing CaLua, into now simply maintaining it. If any bugs crop up, I'll be sure to fix them, and I'll still answer questions in the forums, but I'm sticking a fork in CaLua :)

Posted by Justin Reynen 2004-04-03

CaLua 2.5 and Linux News

CaLua 2.5

I made a couple logical changes tonight, and plugged up a memory leak which can occur when you switch between states and create new states.

2.5 is leak free, and the multiple states stuff is pretty solid now.

Linux News

Linux support is definitly coming. I've been fooling around with Kdevelop and Fedora Core 1 the last few days, and I think I'm in love :P. News of the Linux release will be big, and I'll probably post the announcement to a few other news sites.

Posted by Justin Reynen 2004-01-30

Linux Port

Something that's been irking me for a while is my severe lack of Linux skill.

Well, as my blog shows, I tried installing it last night, and met with much resistance. Crappy Nvidia drivers for me network card prevented me from getting much work done.

Well, I'm gonna put in my other 10/100 network card (a GOOD one that works with the tulip drivers), wipe Fedora and install a new copy.

I'll try to get a port happening tonight... Like I said before, I wrote CaLua with a Linux port in mind, so it shouldn't be too hard to get it going.... read more

Posted by Justin Reynen 2004-01-26

CaLua 2.4.. Big Update

Ok, so 2.4 is done. It took more effort than I thought, but support for multiple CaLua states and the ability to muck around with the Lua virtual machine is now in.

Peep the documentation (also updated) as to how it works. I tried to make it as simple as possible, and not break any older pieces of code.

- Justin Reynen

Posted by Justin Reynen 2004-01-24

Name Mangling issues

CaLua is written as a C library, and as such expects that it's names won't be mangled by the compiler.

I've added in the mangling guards into the latest build... You should snag the 2.2 zip if you're looking to build for a C++ project...

Posted by Justin Reynen 2004-01-16

CaLua 2.1

Got a bug report about passing to Lua structures that contain char*'s.. It was simply me working too late and missing a deliminator on a complicated type cast..

Tested it, and it works fine.

Posted by Justin Reynen 2004-01-14

CaLua 2.0 Released!

Finally finished CaLua 2.0 after a hellish schedule of work and school.

CaLua 2.0 cleans up a lot of ambiquities that were present in 1.0.

It also adds support for working with arrays and pointers in Lua scripts.

PLEASE check out the docs page and read the manual for a full idea of what CaLua is.

-Justin Reynen

Posted by Justin Reynen 2004-01-12

CaLua V1 Released

It's finally done. CaLua Version 1 is out now. The download comes with the documentation, which is also available by clicking on the 'docs' tab up top.

Soon to come, a tutorial, and a new features for dealing with arrays.

Posted by Justin Reynen 2003-12-05