#2 amd app 2.9


Hi, was wondering if you were updating this any longer? Trying to get it up with the newest sdk 2.9 but can't seem to get it to compile due to changes in the file locations in the new sdk. I've tried messing with the CMakeList but not able to get it working. Got opencl working fine with 2.9 and downloaded 2.5 sdk and was able to compile calpp but pyrit just threw errors I couldn't seem to get past. Gave up hoping I could just get 2.9 working eventually. Thanks in advance


  • Artur Kornacki

    Artur Kornacki - 2013-11-13

    CAL++ version in svn ( 0.91-dev ) doesn't depend on AMD SDK at all. It only requires shared libraries libaticl.so and libaticlrt.so ( those are distributed with driver ). I'll look into pyrit compilation problems and try to fix them :).

    Last edit: Artur Kornacki 2013-11-13
  • lsellens

    lsellens - 2013-11-19

    grabbed the newest from svn and got it to install but where do I set the path in cpyrit_calpp/setup.py to the cal libs or will this even compile with the svn of calpp without heavy modifications? Tried pointing it to /usr/local/include/cal but no luck


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