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 Makefile 2006-10-04 dcornewell dcornewell [56d3b8] Adding fastcagi to project for serving AGI apps...
 README 2006-10-06 dcornewell dcornewell [d98ea6] Updated README and REVISIONS for new v0.6 version.
 REVISIONS 2006-11-13 dcornewell dcornewell [431e05] Added comments for revision .7
 cagi.c 2006-11-13 dcornewell dcornewell [a930a2] Fixed bug in AGITool_sendcmd(); when parsing da...
 cagi.h 2006-10-04 dcornewell dcornewell [52fdf7] Changed AGITool_ListAddItem() to malloc field a...
 cagisample.c 2006-10-06 dcornewell dcornewell [ddab49] fixed arg to AGITool_ListGetVal(). needed agi.a...
 fastcagi.c 2006-10-06 dcornewell dcornewell [7d3375] Added support for argv to be passed to the AGI ...

Read Me

If you have used PHPAGI, CAGI will hopefully be easy to use as it is based on 
it.  The included cagisample.c is all you really need to do. Just add cagi.o 
to your compile and #include cagi.h to your program. There is a Makefile as well.

If you want to use fast agi, there is a fastcagi binary that can execute any AGI app.

Passing arguments to the command can be done using url formatted arguments. 
AGI(agi:// will execute cagisample -first 1 -second 2

Add this line to /etc/services on remote AGI server:
fastagi 4573/tcp                        # Asterisk AGI

Then make a file /etc/xinetd.d/fastagi on remote AGI server: (there is a file in tar fastagi.xinetd you can copy)
# default: off
# description: fastagi is a remote AGI interface
service fastagi
        socket_type  = stream
        user         = root
        group        = nobody
        server       = /var/spool/asterisk/agi-bin/fastcagi
        server_args  = --logfile /var/log/fastagi.log --agidir /var/spool/asterisk/agi-bin/
        wait         = no
        protocol     = tcp
        bind         =
        disable      = no

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