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First Public Beta

We have released the first public beta of the new core. It is up for download in the downloads area.

We have made some major updates to the core of the networking system in the server. Practically no errors, Fixed http time out, added ban list support, HTTP compression (both Gzip and Deflate), updated some User Interface, and a bit more.

Server runs right out of the box!

Posted by steven 2006-09-02

Now Alpha Testing New Core

we are now happy to say we have finished a new basic Asyncronous Multi-Threaded core for Caedo...

It is currently almost featureless, apart from VHost but we have released a alpha version for you all to see what it is like

caedo 0.5 will eventually be released. It will almost be a clone of caedo 0.4 , but with a real cosnole, a multi-threaded core, and plugin support !

we hope you enjoy it!

Posted by steven 2006-08-10

New Multi-Threaded Core

We have successfully made a new, fairly complex HTTPd Core on the .Net platform, wich is planned on completely replacing the vb6 version of Caedo.

Its design is made to be robust and powerfull. All system intensive work is done through "Worker" threads, wich allow the program to serve many users at once, send large files completely, and prevent crashing of Caedo (stable, stable, stable!)... read more

Posted by steven 2006-07-30

Porting to .Net

We are convinced multi-threading is much too unstable in the Visual Basic 6.0 feild so we are officially porting to the .net frame work. Source will be written in 2005.

We currently have a multi-threaded frame work complete, along with file sending routenes. We are debugging problems sending files. Currently text files (including HTML) is sending fine but images are not.

Could it be the type we are sending as? we will relase the current source we have. If you can post a bug fix we will be thanks full. We will be working on a bug fix our selves asap.

Posted by steven 2006-07-28

Current Plans

Just letting any one whos interested know, that we will be attempting multi-threaded support. We will let you know as the days go by with a news post and a new release..

the new release will be 0.5 wich will be not be release till multithreading is complete along with some bug fixes and new features..

Posted by steven 2006-07-26

First Public Release

Well with the completion of 0.4.2 i have decided to open a SF.NET account and relese this package. Feel free to use all the tools on source forge to help with the Development.

The CVS will be used eventually. All Recent versions will be found here. thank you.

steven of 0web

Posted by steven 2006-07-25