#74 SpoilerSync compatibility

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As I migrated to Cachebox 510, the directory structure for spoilers was not compatible anymore with SpoilerSync. I had to patch the code to support a Spoiler directory without subdirectories. Dd I missed something somewhere? A configuration option could be used to enable/disable that.


  • Andreas Engel

    Andreas Engel - 2011-01-13

    Why to use SpoilerSync?
    Cachebox can download the Spoilerpictures by it self.
    So it is not nessesary to use SpoilerSync.

  • SierraBravo

    SierraBravo - 2011-02-12

    "SpoilerSync integration" is one of Cachebox's advertised features. See: http://www.getcachebox.net/en/main.html

    So - either integrate or don't advertise...

  • Bert

    Bert - 2011-02-13

    For Cachebox 510 I added support for Spoiler Sync users.
    => Old Spoiler Image format will be converted to new folder structure, when selecting View Spoiler. in Dec. 2010.

    So it should be possible to use images in the "old" Cachebox or SpoilerSync style fwith a flat file structure without folders.
    When you execute View Spoiler, Cachebox copies it to the new structure. So it is not necessary to set a new/old structure option.
    In my oppinion there is nothing to do.