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c-cramp is still being hacked together

I haven't had time to prepare a proper release because of some problems with the installer and windows, but if you're curious, you can check out the code with subversion over at http://code.google.com/p/c-cramp (simply because I know how to use subversion, but not cvs like sf.net has).


Posted by jxn 2007-06-05

First beta release immanent!

okay, i've said this before, but i'm going to try to release a beta soon in case anybody is interested in the project... I simply have to find the time to put together an installer script and a little light documentation.

c-cramp has undergone some major re-definition/experimentation/bug-fixes/bug-additions/etc. over the summer. Many things are starting to work smoothly, but there are still issues and missing features that I'd like to have nailed down.... read more

Posted by jxn 2006-08-24

...still alive....

I've just added the first functional "ajax" feature to the php frontend--nothing special, it just allows DJs to label tracks as "requests" and back directly from the main page without reloading the entire page. I haven't uploaded the files to sourceforge yet, because changes to the database structure and a switch to the new mysqli functions are pending... as well as an installer script.

Posted by jxn 2006-01-11

long delay of release, I guess

looks like the slight delay of release turned into a long delay of release in the end.

I've been looking into a few drastic coding changes for the future of c-cramp, including, but not limited to the following:
* migration to php-5
* migration to mysql-5
* the addition of "ajax" replacements to awkward existing synchronous form and link components (possibly through an ajax library)
* moving to xhtml strict
* restructuring the
* implimentation of plugins
* ability to add traffic-event-modules
* allowing integration with mpd and/or xmms2 for live music playing
* some drastic layout changes
* getting rid of all the nasty html elements (in favor of more robust css control, and better "theme" support potential)
* implementing "preferences" into the server-side database
* making c-cramp more friendly for simultaneous users
* adding centralized and per-station features to allow for multiple radio station control from one installed intstance!
* actually commenting code and making it maintainable and work-on-able/customizable by more people
* reworking of login and permissions... read more

Posted by jxn 2005-11-27

Slight delay of release...

sorry for the inconvenience, but there will be a slight delay in the release of 3.0 DR 1, because of some surprise work that came up today, but I've been playing around with some new things (some of which will become new features, some of which do not work at all) and I've even squashed a bug or two while figuring out other stuff.... I expect the next developer release to be ready in the next couple of days, though.

Posted by jxn 2005-08-21

c-cramp 2 DR 1 Released + BUGS!!!

well, a couple of days ago I released c-cramp 2 Developer Release 1, and I've already recieved the project's first ever user-submitted bug report!

Thanks much to Nathan, who discovered it is impossible to use c-cramp because the new md5 password encryption feature makes it impossible to add the first (admin) user; I will be releasing a fixed version hopefully later today or tomorrow (August 20th); I would love to get more feedback and bug reports if you then get c-cramp working!... read more

Posted by jxn 2005-08-19

new c-cramp coming soon, feedback wanted!

After a bit of reworking, a new c-cramp release will be along shortly. This might be the first usable version of c-cramp. Though it is by no means stable/complete, I feel it's a fairly good start (we have been using this version at my station for a little over 2 months now with no big issues). Many features are not yet included...and the code is a little ugly, but things are now possible which previously were not... for instance, CD data can now be inserted manually and edited, there is now support for multi-disc CDs as well as compilation discs, searching of the database (for DJs) and the beginnings of a tracking system that will eventually become an automatic export feature for CMJ submitters! This new release features a new music organization model: CDs in your station can be organized into categories (ie, rock, jazz, local, urban, rpm, etc) but c-cramp tracks music that is both new and old, and new CDs *MUST* be assigned a slot number (typically three digits, always numeric).... read more

Posted by jxn 2005-08-11

c-cramp development re-starts this week

later next week I'll finally be done with classes, and, after moving, I will be back into re-developing c-cramp! I expect it to be a little while before I release the next version, because I'm going to do a bit of a php5 crash-course first in the hopes of learning the new stuff as well as making my code more readable so any of you who'd like to modify or contribute to c-cramp will be able to. Expect a release in mid june (hopefully my summer stats and music classes will be manageable).... read more

Posted by jxn 2005-05-15

c-cramp still alive!

after suffering from many stumbling blocks (including the database-loading problem, legal troubles with music information database management, the problem of track/album identification, the lack of ripper-options, some local hardware difficulty, too much coursework/job work, a month-long sabbatical to tech-free villages in bangladesh, etc...), I've taken some inspiration from a couple of solid audio tracking projects (namely www.audioscrobbler.com and www.salemradiolabs.com)...and I have a plan for a new functional re-write of c-cramp!!! Unfortunately, I will *not* have proper time to work out the code and details of this new plan until late May, due to work and classes...but I'll likely have another release available in early or mid June for your bug-squashing enjoyment! As always, email me at c-cramp{at}slyink{dot}com if you're interested in helping.... read more

Posted by jxn 2005-03-29

ch-ch-ch-changes (are the enemy!)

contrary to popular opinion, the project is not dead!

the slowdown in releases is due to the fact that i took a 5 day vacation, only to return to "a surprise gift" at the office -- A BRAND NEW COMPUTER!

however, this aint a good thing because it's now a windows machine (which interestingly enough, at 2.8 GHz, seems to run a lot slower than my PII 650 meg gentoo box with enlightenment DR16. I'm impressed with linux's speed, suddenly!). Anyway, i can't wipe the hard drive because it'll void the warranty, apparently, so I'm having to learn to use windows. I guess c-cramp will forcibly be made cross-platform (I WILL NOT be dropping linux support for the project), but I'm going to need a new way to load CD information into the database. As an added bonus, I'm being forced to find a new IDE and all that business, and i can't work off the old gtk libraries like i'd planned to do. Oh well. If anybody's reading this and has some java experience (or anything else cross-platform, i suppose) to help me write a quick lil' app that'll read from the cddb and add data to the mysql database, please contact me!!!!... read more

Posted by jxn 2004-08-13

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