#1 Doesn't support USB MS Intellimouse


I cannot use it on my system because I have a USB MS
Intellimouse and it doesn't detect it. I get to the mozilla
page, then can't do much.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    actually my usb ms intellimouse works. my usb keyboard

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    It does not appear to be a problem just with USB mice. I
    have a standard, run of the mill, as basic as you can get,
    corded scroll mouse, and I have the same problem.

    This is the first Linux distro (minimal or full blown) that I have
    had problems with detecting a basic mouse. I can understand
    cordless, usb, radio, etc, but a standard corded mouse?

    I have tried this Business Card CD on THREE computers, one
    running a basic corded mouse, one running a usb cordless,
    and one running a Memorex radio mouse, and Byzantine does
    not recognize the mouse on ANY of them.

    I get as far as Mozilla loading up, and at that point, the
    system might as well be frozen, becuase without the mouse,
    you can't get around. Not even with the keyboard (which
    does work, only because I hit every key on the keyboard until
    it finally said, "You hite F7. Do you want to turn the carot
    feature on?" or something to that effect)

  • atang1

    atang1 - 2006-05-07

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    Please try v5.0?


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