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v0.5.1 released - 0.5 users, please upgrade

Hi everyone,

We released v0.5 a few days ago but unfortunately there was a bug that managed to get through. If the directory path to your Bit Torrent client had spaces in, Buttress wouldn't launch the client when it downloaded a torrent.

This has now been fixed and is in v0.5.1. Sorry about that. Good news is you should be able to keep your config files from 0.5.


Posted by Gary B 2004-10-27

v0.5 released!

Hi all,

The latest version of Buttress (0.5) is now available for download.

As with the last release, there's one version for both Unix (including Linux) and Windows systems - Windows users, use the .exe, Unix/Linux users can set up a shell script. the package with the src is the source package - only download this if you're interested in the source code.

Now, for the changes. It's recommended you save your details from previous versions of Buttress and start Buttress afresh - this will build a new config file needed for this new version. Once this is done, start adding the filters and feeds from you previous version... read more

Posted by Gary B 2004-10-21

v0.4 released

Hi everyone,

The latest version of Buttress (0.4) is now available for download.

There are no longer seperate versions for Linux and Windows systems, you can all download the main .zip version. Windows users need only use the .exe, Linux users will need to create a shell script or likewise (if you're unsure how to do this, see here http://buttress.sailes.co.uk/help.php#lininstall )

Changes - there are quite a few, and very nice they are too :) They are as follows:... read more

Posted by Gary B 2004-08-14

Documentation and FAQ now available

Documentation for Buttress can be found here: http://buttress.sailes.co.uk/help.php

It also includes an FAQ. If you're having any problems, check it out!

Posted by Gary B 2004-06-21

v0.3.2 released

Buttress v0.3.2 now available for download: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=105625&package_id=120469

The win package is for those who want a simple exe to click on (recommended for Windows users); get the .jar package if you wish to use the jar (for example, if you are running Buttress on something other than Windows). The src package is for those that want to see what the source code is like.... read more

Posted by Gary B 2004-06-09

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