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Important news! (Especially Maintainers!)

The repo moved to
Cmake support, fixes for new compilers, clunk library and general support are there, on github. Please
Clunk library moved there too:

Posted by Vladimir Menshakov 2013-11-27

0.9 was just released!

Have been long since last release, isn’t it? Today we are releasing major update to Battle Tanks. Also, this update comes with brand new server! Unfortunately we have not finished any new maps, it’s still work-in-progress. All volunteers are welcome! If you’re feeling that you could help, do not hesitate to contact us - we’d provide any help you need. Also I’m starting to document everything, but enough plans. Here’s some notes about 0.9 release:... read more

Posted by Vladimir Menshakov 2009-12-30

Battle Tanks: MacOSX 10.4/10.5 universal build is out!

Fast 2d tank arcade game with multiplayer and split-screen modes.

look our blog for details:

Posted by Vladimir Menshakov 2008-09-05

release candidate 1 released

help us test it, we need your feedback!
download it here:

PS check out changelog on download page, it's very long, really.

Posted by Vladimir Menshakov 2008-07-11

Battle Tanks xmas edition released!

No kidding, this is the biggest update we've ever done to our little game.

Check out our blog for details:

Posted by Vladimir Menshakov 2007-12-22

battle tanks: I'm sure noone cares, but 0.6.5064 is out :)

Fast 2d tank arcade game with multiplayer and split-screen modes.

This release primarily was targeted at multiplayer improvements and playability even on poor connections. Added UDP connection for faster player response, paintball map was redrawn from scratch and millions fixes. Check it out!

Full changelog available here:

Posted by Vladimir Menshakov 2007-10-03

btanks 0.5.4800 released

Posted by Vladimir Menshakov 2007-08-31

bugfix and multiplayer enhancement release 0.5.4739 is out.

0.5.4739 is bugfix and multiplayer enhancement release. Several major features and fixes:

*  You can join network game in split screen mode.
* Added optional time limit to deathmatch map.
* You can talk with other players by hitting ENTER/RETURN key.
* UTF-8 everywhere! You can use diacritics from French or Germal language without transliteration.
* Several new cheats :)
* Tuned global messages (about new tasks, game over or checkpoints ) to avoid mixing with menus or map background.
* Once again troopers dont shoot through the walls.
* Multiplayer errors  do not  shutdown game anymore and many many other multiplayer fixes.... [read more](/p/btanks/news/2007/08/bugfix-and-multiplayer-enhancement-release-054739-is-out/)
Posted by Vladimir Menshakov 2007-08-15

finally, 0.5.4536 is out!

The famous computer magazine "" published an article about this game. In consideration of that fact, we added German translation to our game. :)

Some major changes since previous release:
First and really amazing feature is "torus" mode, where map seems to be endless and infinite in a both vertical and horizontal directions. (Lenin square and Gaddino maps were converted to this mode) ... read more

Posted by Vladimir Menshakov 2007-07-22

A second major release 0.5.3779 is available.

Size of the build has increased by 14 MB, and this is not for nothing! See what's new:

  1. Sound effects:
    * The game now has brand new sound/music, effects, ambient noises and so on. Thanks to Leonid “Dark Matter” Volkov.
    * The SFX subsystem is reimplemented from scratch.
    * A special Insane Offscreen Laugh™ will accompany multiple player kills.
  2. New objects:
    * Sand Worm.
    WARNING: dangerous sand dunes on “Wastes” and “Dune”
    * Secret Coca-Cola-Cans-Shooting Mortair.
    Each map has it--just search it!
    * Attack helicopter armed with bombs and machinegun.
    * Beautiful zombie flesh eaters.
  3. New maps:
    * “Dune” — cooperative survival map. You are surrounded by the enemy! Defend your last outpost in the desert. Beware of worms!
    * “Battle Tanks University” — small town map for network battles. Four attack helis will gladly amuse your party.
    * (See screenshots)
  4. Changes:
    * Shilka can now use mines.
    * Auto-aim function is added for tank and Shilka guns. Aiming is now much easier!
    * Vehicles now drift on dirt.
    * Bosses and other major objects have got HP bars. Helloah RTS!
  5. UI:
    * New options are available for setting up graphics, calibrating gamepad, and configuring keyboard controls.
    * Tactical Map is added in Start Game menu.
    * Hint Control allows hiding tips or restoring the last one.
    * Shift+S will now create a new screenshot file each time, so previously created screenshots will not be overwritten..
Posted by Vladimir Menshakov 2007-05-25

some news on upcoming release :)

1) one more vehicle. we still aint quite sure include it to main vehicle line or hide it somewhere in maps.
2) rewritten sound support. windows folks can be happy now.
3) more sounds. ambient background.
4) "gamepad setup" and "redefine keys" dialogs.
5) map similar to 'bomberman' (c)(r)(tm) game. (or maybe 'bomberman' (c)(r)(tm) mode to every map, who knows...)
and, the last but not the least - SUPER COW POWERS :)))

Posted by Vladimir Menshakov 2007-05-02

0.4.2902 is out with brand new map inside.

This released introduced couple of new features:
first major feature is completely isolated worlds with its own checkpoints, hints and spawn points.
(new 'Aqua World' map contains underwater and rooftops levels with dozen of teleports)

Multiplayer is more smoother now because of interpolation feature.

Also a lot of various bugs fixed improving general stability and several hot keys to menu were added.

Posted by Vladimir Menshakov 2007-03-23

First major release 0.4.2623 is out.

Finally we've got brand new user interface -- rewritten from scratch.
Nice, clean and simple menus, vehicle and player pickers with or without AI. (yeah, we included beta AI players in this release!). In-game statistics are now available by hitting the TAB key.

Also, most maps now have animated water! :)

For Linux folks we started releasing source tar balls among the win32 binary releases.

Posted by Vladimir Menshakov 2007-03-09

proudly present to you: release 2234 is out

key features of this release:
extra large 'Baykonur' map with old-school big-boss. Dozens of troopers around: in watchtowers, cannons, tents and barracks. (even a patrol boat!)
cooperative mode for multiplayer with checkpoints support for saving map progress.
improved AI logic for troopers.

massive engine optimizations for the best performance. look Changelog file in distribution for details.

(almost forgot!) Game engine was developed under Linux and could be easily compiled on the most distributions.

Posted by Vladimir Menshakov 2007-02-06

btanks are 8th of arcades! btw, release 1775 is out.

Look for details.

We are focused on performance and bug fixes in this release. But there are still few known bugs around (and infinite of unknown ;)

check out for a few nice features too ;)

Posted by Vladimir Menshakov 2007-01-18

Happy X-mas ! :)

The latest X-mas release.

At last! We've added some pickers to the main menu, and you no longer have to edit configs and restart the game each time you decided to get another vehicle or change the map. As always, lots of bugfixes, also we have added some minor features and a brand new map called 'Wastes'.

We plan to concentrate on AI now, so you have some time for playing the latest version - no news are coming for a couple of weeks or even more.

Posted by Vladimir Menshakov 2006-12-26

check out release 0.3.1593!

the key features of this release are:

cool old-school blinking invulnerability effect.
destructible map. among the objects, now it is possible to damage and/or destroy buildings.
city traffic.
and if your vehicle was destroyed, you are still able to act personally as machine gunner. for a few seconds.. :)))

please do not forget to download the latest data file from btanks-data package.

Posted by Vladimir Menshakov 2006-12-18

btanks-0.3.1435 released

Battle tanks arcade 0.3.1435 was released. Battle tanks is free fast and fun arcade multiplayer game. This release includes bugfixes and improvements reported since the first release was out.

Posted by Vladimir Menshakov 2006-11-27

btanks-0.3.1298 released

The first public demo of BattleTanks is now available. This release includes multiplayer, split screen mode, three multiplayer maps, three different vehicles.

More at

Posted by Vladimir Menshakov 2006-11-08