A second major release 0.5.3779 is available.

Size of the build has increased by 14 MB, and this is not for nothing! See what's new:

  1. Sound effects:
    * The game now has brand new sound/music, effects, ambient noises and so on. Thanks to Leonid “Dark Matter” Volkov.
    * The SFX subsystem is reimplemented from scratch.
    * A special Insane Offscreen Laugh™ will accompany multiple player kills.
  2. New objects:
    * Sand Worm.
    WARNING: dangerous sand dunes on “Wastes” and “Dune”
    * Secret Coca-Cola-Cans-Shooting Mortair.
    Each map has it--just search it!
    * Attack helicopter armed with bombs and machinegun.
    * Beautiful zombie flesh eaters.
  3. New maps:
    * “Dune” — cooperative survival map. You are surrounded by the enemy! Defend your last outpost in the desert. Beware of worms!
    * “Battle Tanks University” — small town map for network battles. Four attack helis will gladly amuse your party.
    * (See screenshots)
  4. Changes:
    * Shilka can now use mines.
    * Auto-aim function is added for tank and Shilka guns. Aiming is now much easier!
    * Vehicles now drift on dirt.
    * Bosses and other major objects have got HP bars. Helloah RTS!
  5. UI:
    * New options are available for setting up graphics, calibrating gamepad, and configuring keyboard controls.
    * Tactical Map is added in Start Game menu.
    * Hint Control allows hiding tips or restoring the last one.
    * Shift+S will now create a new screenshot file each time, so previously created screenshots will not be overwritten..
Posted by Vladimir Menshakov 2007-05-25

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