Download problems with J2ME (i-blue 747)

  • Martin Reichör

    Martin Reichör - 2008-11-30

    First thanks for the great software.
    I’ve tested the software for a while and found a problem with my configuration:

    i-blue 747 gps logger
    Nokia 3110 classic
    SW Version: 0.2.37

    The download of the Log abort at different time. You can find the debug data from my tries under: (1.2M) (600k) (2,5M) (1,8M) (700k) (2,5M) (1,4M) (3,4M)

    When the problem occurs there is no update of the download progress screen. There is also no response when I try to select “exit application”. The only possibility I found is to kill the application with the “hang up” button from the phone.

    An other smaller problem is that I can’t see if an button is selected or not (e.g. If the UTC should be logged or not), because there is no difference in the small rectangle. Maybe because of the screen resolution of the Nokia 3110c.

    • pokusnyt

      pokusnyt - 2009-04-06

      I have problem with downloading too.

      Holux M-241
      Nokia 6230i
      SW v0.2.57

      Downloading stopped after few bytes (count of bytes is different sometimes 50k sometimes 250k), after this i must restart application and holux.
      When i want download tracklog i must use smart downoad witch can resume downloading, but it isnt so confortable.

      Sorry for my bad english.


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