Points order in output csv & gps

  • iks

    iks - 2009-01-23

    I have downloaded raw bin-file from my iblue747 using "smart download". It has 33291 trackpoints.
    When I converted it to csv or gpx, I can see there:

    1) 22-JAN-09,05:33:24, ...
    29476) 22-JAN-09,17:14:29, ...
    29477) 06-JAN-09,12:02:04, ...
    31729) 09-JAN-09,22:19:30, ...
    31730) 22-JAN-09,05:00:58, ...
    33291) 22-JAN-09,05:33:23, ...

    So, my Last track is kept in two segments: 31730..33291, 1..29477. Why so? When I convert to table in GUI, everything is quite fine...

    Mario, can you
    1) sort trackpoints by datetime when you convert bin to csv and gpx?
    2) keep date in short format 2009-01-22 (or from windows short date settings) instead of 22-JAN-2009 (gpsbabel doesn't recognize it)

    • Mario De Weerd

      Mario De Weerd - 2009-01-23

      I suppose that you are using the latest version and in that version the data transformed from a bin file should get sorted.
      If not - send me your bin file - there could be a corner case.


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