App is unresponsive with large logs in Map

  • Torsten Sadowski

    I tried to load a larger (16000 datapoints) log into the map. bt747 becomes terribly unresponsive when displaying a large number of data points in the map. A solution might be to filter the dataset for heaps  of data points in one location if there is not a simpler solution.

    Cheers, Torsten

    • Mario De Weerd

      Mario De Weerd - 2009-08-23

      Hi Torsten

      I guess that you labeled most of these datapoints as waypoints.  I agree that in that case the application becomes unresponsive.
      If they are only trackpoints, then the responsiveness should be great.

      I should implement something to improve responsiveness regarding waypoint drawing and drawing them in a separate thread is maybe best - this thread could be pre-empted when there are updates to the map and/or for other activities.  Grouping several waypoints into one (like in Google Earth for instance) is another way to improve responsiveness which surely requires more coding.

      I put an entry in my todo list.


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