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  • Miguel

    Miguel - 2007-10-09


    I have used you program with a Holux M-1000 receiver and it seems it works as expected without any hardware modification (i.e. the rate and the SBAS options can be configured). The application is really awesome but I miss the option of logging the data directly from the receiver into the device (a Palm TX in my case) in "real-time" (no only downloading from the the flash memory) via Bluetooh. Do you think it would be possible to implement this function in next releases? I have spent days searching for such a logging application for Palm devices in internet and I have found nothing! :-((


    • Mario De Weerd

      Mario De Weerd - 2007-10-09

      Such applications already exist for Palm (but you will use your battery):

      Cetus GPS

      All three can log GPS data from any GPS over bluetooth.

      It is not too difficult to add such capability to my program.  The reason I do not do it is that I do not have any use for it myself and it does represent some amount of work.  Also, such applications already exist.

      I fyou want to add such functionality to my program, I am willing to give "directions".


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