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BRL 2.2: better input validation and other improved syntax

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BRL 2.2 released 2003-06-09

* BRL now works with stock Kawa 1.7. See the Kawa NEWS file
for numerous new features and bugfixes added since 1.6.97.

* A new define-input syntax allows more convenient input
validation. Backward compatibility with the inputs syntax is
maintained.... read more

Posted by Bruce R. Lewis 2003-06-09

CVS version of BRL works with Kawa 1.7beta2

Changes I checked in today make BRL work with Kawa 1.7beta2. The new
path-segments functionality is not yet working. I also fixed a couple
of xhtml validation errors today.

Posted by Bruce R. Lewis 2003-05-22

code to work with Kawa 1.6.97 checked into cvs

The next release of BRL will work with the latest Kawa release. Most checks pass with what I've checked into CVS. The rest will work with a patch Per Bothner will soon put into Kawa.

Posted by Bruce R. Lewis 2001-12-21

files for 2.1.26 temporarily unavailable

Due to db replication problems at SourceForge, files for release 2.1.26 are not available except through CVS. Hopefully they will fix it today.

Posted by Bruce R. Lewis 2001-06-25

What are you doing with BRL?

Eaton Vance Management is examining web development tools, including BRL, that it uses in various projects. There is interest in the adoption of BRL outside Eaton Vance. We have page view and download statistics, but stories of production use in commercial or non-commercial environments would be helpful. If you are using BRL for any purpose, please send at least a quick note to brl-users/ or brlewis/ (change the / to an @).

Posted by Bruce R. Lewis 2001-04-25

Demos at BRL Cabaret

WebApp Cabaret is a site that hosts Java-based web applications gratis, but inserts banner ads in the output. I've created the BRL Cabaret at that site. BRL pages are used to let you register, log in, and create your own BRL demo pages, including use of a MySQL database provided by WebApp Cabaret.

In my own BRL Cabaret account I've created a simple database demo as well as a demo that generates mazes. Take a look:... read more

Posted by Bruce R. Lewis 2000-10-30

brl-users list DOES exist

For those who can't or don't want to use Usenet to talk about BRL, a brl-users mailing list was created. The archives are currently not working, but the list DOES exist and is otherwise working. A support request was submitted on 2000-09-11.

Posted by Bruce R. Lewis 2000-10-06

ChangeLog entries forthcoming

I've finally gotten ssh and emacs to play nicely together, and will be using vc-comment-to-change-log more frequently. Expect ChangeLog entries with release 2.1.14, as well as better log entries in the CVS repository.

Posted by Bruce R. Lewis 2000-08-23

BRL to be Presented at O'Reilly Open Source Conference

July 19 in Monterey, CA. Schedule subject to change. Check O'Reilly's site:

Posted by Bruce R. Lewis 2000-05-02