#44 Sending inverted controller data

Andrew C

It would be a cool idea if synths could be started with a -midi-inv option or similar for making them respond in reverse to midi controller data, i.e sending modwheel 0 would become 127 and viceversa. By layering the synths you could create some different effects along with even crossfading (volume-wise) between them with a suitable CC.



  • Nick Copeland

    Nick Copeland - 2011-09-15

    This is possible already.

    The engine only tracks 0..127 (or more for the 14 bit controls) however it is possible in the midi definition files to provide mappings that the Bristol MIDI library will apply to controllers and it is possible to have them translate to 127..0 on a per controller basis.

    Examples of how to do this can be found in trilogyODC.mcm - the midi controller mapping file for the Trilogy. Not all emulators have a midi controller map: the synths that used organ divider circuits have them to emulate the not quite in tune pitch divisions. If you want to use this for other synths then rename the files, remove the frequency tables and add the pieces you want. You should work on private copies by default in ~/.bristol/memory/profiles

    Regards, nick

  • Andrew C

    Andrew C - 2011-09-15

    I assume I should rename the file from trilogyODC.mcm to poly.mcm or polyODC.mcm and place it in .bristol/memory/profiles?
    I also may not be getting the syntax correct, or understanding it too well..
    To get an inverse linear on modwheel, I would have to use 'inverseLinear: 1 1'?



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