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new release 0.0.13

From the Changelog:
* Added automatically crop rectangle calculation
* Updated libraries (itext, jpedal) fixing several problems
* JP2000 support, finally!
* Added hotcorners(upper left and lower right) to resize existing crop rectangles
* Providing a single file as argument now directly loads it on startup of Briss (can be handy if you have a shortcut defined like "open with")
* Command line cropping (at the moment just with automatic crop algorithm, see Readme for instructions)
* Better visualization of merged images
* Added possibility to reload pdfs for using other excluded pages while retaining crop rectangles
* Added drag&drop functionality
* Automatically clipping of crop rectangles to visible area
* Copy/paste of crop rectangles between clusters
* Hopefully fixed bug where on Mac the crop rectangles couldn't be deleted

Posted by  laborg 2011-04-11

new release 0.0.12

From the changelog of this release:
* Added Icon (thx to joão ziliotto)
* Reworked the GUI
* updated iText and JPedal libraries
* included a preview button

There are still some open bugs
* strange behaviour with app armor
* rare pdfs aren't rendered properly

Have fun,

Posted by  laborg 2011-01-11

new release 0.0.11

From the changelog of this release:
* Exclude pages from merging
* Merged blocks are now sorted according to their lowest page number
* Faster scrolling (mouse)
* Fixed an issue where huge pages would cause BRISS to crash

Have fun,

Posted by  laborg 2010-10-10

new release 0.0.10

Just release version 0.0.10. From the changelog:
* fixed issure where a trim or bleed box would influence the cropping behaviour
* smaller file size through newer libraries
* itext
* jpedal

More functionality will follow in future releases, although there's now real road map available.

Posted by  laborg 2010-10-01

New release (0.0.8)


The new release just covers a bug where the bookmarks get killed when cropping a pdf...

Good night,

Posted by  laborg 2010-05-17

New release (0.0.7)


From the Changelog:
* Meta information is copied to the cropped file
* Small visual fix in progress bar
* Ghost rectangle shows the size of the last drawn crop rectangle (for people who want to have equally sized pages)
* Dragging of crop rectangles (press and hold the mouse button inside a crop rectangle)
* Single removal of crop rectangles by pressing the right mouse button inside the rectangle to be deleted
* Selected crop rectangles (=>ctrl+left mouse click into the rectangle) can be sized to the maximum of all selected widths/heights.... read more

Posted by  laborg 2010-05-15

New release (0.0.6)


With the new release it's possible to crop more regions of a page! Look at the screenshots to get a better understanding.
Good night,

Posted by  laborg 2010-05-12

New release (0.0.5)


Another relase of BRISS, featuring a bug fix and the introduction of a buffer when creating the merged preview image.

Good night,

Posted by  laborg 2010-05-11

New release (0.0.4)

This release is more robust when it comes to render the preview image since the underlaying library has been replaced by JPedal.

Have Fun,

Posted by  laborg 2010-05-11

New release (0.0.3)

There was a bug in 0.0.2 preventing the correct cropping of files. This release fixes it.

Sorry for your the inconvenience...


Posted by  laborg 2010-05-11

New release (0.0.2)

This release is more robust and introduced a huge performance boost!
From the Changelog:
* Performance improvements
* Resolved Bugs:
#2999011 - Handling of rotated PDFs is implemented
#2999012 - Cropped rectangle is now limited to the preview image size

Have Fun,

Posted by  laborg 2010-05-10

Alpha release online

The first alpha release of briss is online. Owners of ebook reading devices can use this software to crop pdf via a visual inspection. Just try it out an give me feedback!


Posted by  laborg 2010-05-09

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