#84 Transferring renamed binary doesn't work

NBC (24)

I'm using 64bit Ubuntu and Free Pascal Compiler version 2.2.4-3 [2009/06/04] for x86_64.
I Checked out revision 289.

NeXTTool /COM=bt -versions
Protocol version = 1.124
Firmware version = 1.28

This works:
nbc -S=bt -v=128 -d hello.nxc

I can do compile+transfer separetely: (This works)
nbc hello.nxc -v=128 -O=hello.rxe
nbc -S=bt -d -b hello.rxe

I can use any name for binary: (This works)
nbc hello.nxc -v=128 -O=foobar.rxe
nbc -S=bt -d -b foobar.rxe

Btw: "diff foobar.rxe hello.rxe" -> they are identical.
So I have foobar and hello in my NXT and they are identical

But I can't change name of binary. This doesn't work:
nbc hello.nxc -v=128 -O=hello.rxe
mv hello.rxe hello2.rxe
nbc -S=bt -d -b hello2.rxe

Should this work? Can anybody confirm this? How it is possible it doesn't work?
(This bug is not only curiosity, I'm planning to use nbc to transfer any rxe-binary files and I think this is the reason I didn't manage do it.)


  • aapoaapo

    aapoaapo - 2010-02-06

    This weirdness doesn't trigger with NeXTTool (svn289):

    This works:
    nbc hello.nxc -v=128 -O=hello.rxe
    NeXTTool /COM=bt -download=hello.rxe

    And this works too:
    nbc hello.nxc -v=128 -O=hello.rxe
    mv hello.rxe foobar.rxe
    NeXTTool /COM=bt -download=foobar.rxe

  • aapoaapo

    aapoaapo - 2010-02-06

    Downgraded to 1.07, and now renaming doesn't brake transferring.

    Protocol version = 1.124
    Firmware version = 1.07


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