Ben Supnik - 2014-02-12
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+I don't have exact repro info on this but I wanted to get it written down and logged so we don't lose track of it.
+I believe that this is more or less the repro case:
+1. Open a .ldr file that uses a neighboring file as a sub-model
+2. Ope the sub-file as well.  At this point we are in "paired" edit mode - edits to the sub-file will actually show up on the parent file.  Internally BrickSmith has thrown out its 'static' copy of the sub-file and replaced the link from the super-file with the second LDrawDocument's main LDrawFile.
+3. Close the sub-file.
+4. Close the parent file.
+At this point, sometimes, on a bad day, BrickSmith will crash.  Sometimes.  Maybe.
+This is a regression from 2.5 to 2.6 (when the new neighbor-file handling was introduced); the bug is unchanged from 2.6 forward.
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