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V0.09 and beyond

As predicted, there were a bunch of minor bugs to correct due to differing versions of PHP and MySQL. It seems with the V0.092 patch, almost everything has been corrected. The rest of the bugs have been fixed in an unreleased form.

Which brings us to a V0.1 release. I am currently working with the team to improve the customization of Brewthology through templates, language files, and CSS. I have also added a few new admin features and we hope to get a nice install script running.... read more

Posted by Bryan Peretto 2006-08-17


Well, the day has finally come. I started this project in mid-December 2005 without knowing much PHP or MySQL. I did get a little help from Mike and Rob, but I've just relied on trial and error (as well as the Larry Ullman PHP and MySQL book) to complete this project.

Thanks to everyone who has alpha tested the program on my site and offered suggestions and support.

Today, I have finally released my code for others to laugh at. Version 0.08 is now available for download. We have some anxious beta testers waiting; but I don't recommend that the general public takes a crack at it, yet. It does require that you're familiar with MySQL. And I'm sure I've made some inefficient (but operational, at least) programing choices. My hope is that the beta testers will contribute valuable changes to the project.... read more

Posted by Bryan Peretto 2006-08-02