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Restyling of BrainWare Development page

Posted by Stefano Lotti 2001-07-07

BrainWare 0.5c released

Via Cvs on the homepage you can download the new version.
New features are:
list of what happen in groups and areas
Calendar has improved in assignment.
many bug fixes.

Posted by Pierluigi Maori 2001-06-20

BrainWare 0.5b released!!!

The BrainWare 0.5b version has been released!

BrainWare is a collection of perl objects that provide a web based set of communication tools that work together to provide a groupware solution for organizations of any size.

The BrainWare platform integrates the standard communication instruments available on the net (mail, FTP file repositories, irc chat and H323 video conference for the time being) into a single web interface, and will soon extend them with powerful work-flow and knowledge management tools, thus creating a "knowledge workplace" with geographically dislocated processes, and in which knowledge workers find the ideal place where knowledge is shared in the most effective ways.... read more

Posted by Pierluigi Maori 2001-04-19