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v0.2.x - Item System

With the basic Event System and some Entities in place, I am now moving on to creating the Item System.

I have defined the following:
*ItemTemplates (basic information shared across all items of the same type)
*ItemInstances (a specific instance of an item)
*ItemVessel (a 3d Entity which represents an Item sitting on the ground)
*Inventory (a collection of items belonging to a Creature )... read more

Posted by  Paul Zirkle 2004-02-17

version 0.1.9 - playable binary

There is a basic demo of the engine available. It shows several entities in a room, with collision detection and event passing.

As more functionality is built into the engine, newer demos will be released. Currently the resources used are hardcoded.

Posted by  Paul Zirkle 2004-02-17