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Release from Dmitry Kazarov

Release from Dmitry Kazarov is published in the file release area. This should be stable release.

Posted by Stas Degteff 2005-05-03

Perl module to operate with BPFT data files

A trafd save file read module for the Perl programming language is published in the file release area of BPFT4 project. This perl module is developed by Dmitry Kazarov.

Posted by Stas Degteff 2005-05-03

Russian readme

Today i wrote and posts new document: the Russian README of the BPFT4. Seek it in the "Docs" page

Posted by Stas Degteff 2004-05-22

New developer

A Stanislav Kabin AKA h-zone is included into the official bpft4 developers list. This person makes the "BPFT with web form" package.

Posted by Stas Degteff 2004-05-01

New version of the 'BPFT With Web Form' package

The BPFT With Web Form package version 2.1 is published into the "Files" page.
Thanks to Stanislav Kabin for it's work!

Posted by Stas Degteff 2004-05-01

New snapshot: the productivity is increased

In this snapshot the algorithm of the data search in the table is changed to increase productivity.
Thanks to Dmitry Kazarov for reseaches.

Posted by Stas Degteff 2004-04-21

New snapshot is published.

Changes from previous snapshot:
Prevent counter oferflow by Dmitry Kazarov.
Perl module TrafD (trafd savefile interface) by Dmitry Kazarov.
Trafdb - traffic PostgreSQL saver by Alexander Ilyin.

Posted by Stas Degteff 2004-04-14

New developer

Dmitry Y. Kazarov is joined into the BPFT4 project.
It have several ideas about the BPFT4 development.
We says: "Welcome!".

Posted by Stas Degteff 2004-03-05

BPFT With Web Form package included into distributions set.

New package is included into BPFT4 contributions. This is the BPFT-WWF - "BPFT With Web Form" Stanislav Kabin wrote.
See the "files" page for details.

Posted by Stas Degteff 2004-03-05

trafsum-2.4 is included into the distribution set

Silvio - Network Operations had sended the shell script "trafsum". This script outputs the trafd statistics in pseudo-graphic form. The last version of this script may be found in the "files" page.

Posted by Stas Degteff 2004-03-04

New dailytraffic release

New version of the dailytraffic is released today.
Main difference with previous is a monthly traffic report. Release is named dailytraffic 1.11

Posted by Stas Degteff 2003-12-30

Bug in counter of skipped records is fixed.

Alexey V. Kuznetsov found bug and make patch to fix it. Citate:
"I've installed BPFT v.4 on FreeBSD 4.8 and found following feature/bug: the counter of skipped records with size less than minsize counts unused records also. So if I set up -m 0 in command line, I always get the message "MAX_T_ENTRIES-<used_entries> records less 0 not saved)" in trafd.log. This message doesn't have any sense because minsize is unsigned :)"... read more

Posted by Stas Degteff 2003-09-30

Pre-release test period start

Snapshot at Jul 15 2003 (bpft4-2003-07-15.tgz) is a release candidate. Please test it and post reports into forums or send via email to project admin.
Sources tarball may be found here: http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/bpft4/bpft4-2003-07-15.tgz?download

Posted by Stas Degteff 2003-07-16

Homepage reconstructed

Project homepage reconstructed today.
Visit http://bpft4.sf.net

Posted by Stas Degteff 2003-02-28

FreeBSD port released

Denis N. Peplin <info@volginfo.ru> made FreeBSD port for bpft4. It avaiable on cvs, modulename freebsd-port:

cvs -d :pserver:anonymous@cvs.sf.net:/cvsroot/bpft4 co freebsd-port

Posted by Stas Degteff 2003-02-28

OpenBSD port released

Ed V. Bartosh <ed@sam-solutions.net> create port and package for OpenBSD and fix code for this OS.
See "files" page for download it or use CVS: new module named openbsd-port.

Posted by Stas Degteff 2003-01-10

Garbage file replaced (dailytraffic-1.8.tgz)

Garbage file dailytraffic-1.8.tgz replaced now and may be downloaded.

Posted by Stas Degteff 2002-10-07

&quot;files&quot; area now contents old releases

I place into "files" page trafd-3.0, trafd-3.0.1 and patched/bugfixed trafd-3.0.1 - named "trafd-3.0.2"

Posted by Stas Degteff 2002-10-01

New snap-shot

Today i store in "files" area new bpft-4 snapshot
(Fixed man page)

Posted by Stas Degteff 2002-10-01

CVS contents latest sources now!

Today i commit latest sources into cvs on sourceforge.net.

Posted by Stas Degteff 2002-10-01

New version of dailytraffic

Apply total counters for local, city and worls traffic

Posted by Stas Degteff 2002-09-27

dailytraffic release publicied

Today, Aug 29 2002 i import 900.traffic script into CVS bpft4.sourceforge.net/cvsroot/bpft4 module dailytraffic. New name of 900.traffic is 'dailytraffic'.
Also i release this version (dailytraffic-1.7) as first public release.

Posted by Stas Degteff 2002-08-29

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