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Box GUI release

The latest alpha version of the vector graphic language, Box (, is now available for download. It has been adjusted for the upcoming release of the Box graphical user interface, Boxer, which should happen in few days. Boxer is still in alpha coding state, but improves drastically the usability of Box, giving the possibility of seeing on the fly the result of the current edited Box program. Boxer gives allows also the creation of parametric figures. It will be available as source (Linux and Mac) and as a Windows executable containing also the Box compiler.

Posted by Matteo Franchin 2008-11-20

Improved rendering of text

Text rendering (Window.Text) has been greatly
improved. This should make life easier while
waiting for fully Latex assisted formatting
(feature to be added in the next future). This is
what we can do now:
- subscripts, superscripts and newlines can be
inserted using the latex syntax (text_{sub},
text^{sup} or a^1, a_1 and the character \n);
- text is treated as all the others ordinary
paths: you can fill it, you can stroke its
contours, etc.
- text can be placed very effectively by
specifying a point relative to the text an the
destination of this point (where it should go).
For example,... read more

Posted by Matteo Franchin 2008-08-10

Ported to Windows + Ubuntu package

Box has been ported to Windows! You can download a zip archive and use the binary immediately. The thing hasn't been extensively tested, though.
Also a new Ubuntu package is available to install Box easily and quickly!

Posted by Matteo Franchin 2008-07-27

New Cairo support!

Box supports now the Cairo 2D graphic library and can save figures using the EPS, PNG, SVG, PDF file formats. Box can also use translucent colors. See examples and under box-0.1/examples.

Posted by Matteo Franchin 2008-05-19

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