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Quick Update about News

I just noticed that I had not posted a news item here in quite some time, so I thought I'd make a quick update. In the past couple of months, a new version of Bosco has been released, and an IRC support channel has been opened. Rather than repeat myself, check out for the details. Most future news posts will likely be made there almost exclusively, so if you're looking for info on what's going on, that's the place to look.

Posted by Jason Lee 2003-12-23

New Home Page

I have finally gotten around to updating It has a new look and some information about Bosco 1.2. Hopefully, with this new system, I'll be better about keeping everyone abreast of what is going on with Bosco.

Posted by Jason Lee 2003-10-03

Hard Drive Crash

If you read the bug tracker you might know that my hard drive at home died at the ripe old of four months. :\ The replacement should be in today. Once I get it installed and my system rebuilt, I should be able to put the finishing touches on 1.1. That should solve some issues that a couple of users have reported. I do apologize for the delay. No one's hating it more than I. ;)


Posted by Jason Lee 2003-05-22

A default new layout has landed

In the CVS version (destined to be 1.1), I changed the term "theme" to "layout." I think that better describes what I had in mind when I added that capability.

Having said that, I have created a new default layout. I like the look and feel of this one better. The actual HTML forms themselves are the same, but the page decoration has been rearranged and reworked. While this new layout is a few shades of blue, if you don't like the colors, you can now edit the stylesheet and change all of the colors in one place. Updating to the next version will overwrite these changes, so care must be taken if you choose to make the change, but you are more than welcome to do so if you are inclined to.... read more

Posted by Jason Lee 2003-04-02

Bosco 1.0

Today I tagged Bosco with the 1.0 tag. There are no known major issues (one user reported installation problems, but that seems to be a config issue. We're still working on that). The system seems to be stable and pretty bug free, although I'm sure there are at least a few I haven't run across yet. Hammer it and let me know what you think!

Posted by Jason Lee 2003-03-27

Bosco 1.0rc2 has been released

This should be the last release candidate before 1.0 final. This release consists mainly bug fixes and UI cleanups. The only new features you will see is support for lost passwords, and I added field validation in a few places using a Smarty function that I wrote. This is in production use at at least one site and appears to be rock solid. Hammer it and let me know what you think.

Posted by Jason Lee 2003-02-23

Bosco 1.0rc1 has been released

This release of Bosco marks its entrance into the stable world. I've been working with it for quite some time and can't find any outstanding features that I want in before 1.0, nor can I find any bugs (which isn't to say there aren't any). At this point, I'm going to do my best to disallow any new features, and stick strictly to bug fixes, code and interface cleanups, etc. Hopefully, 1.0 final will be released with a minimum of changes. Please hammer this and let me know what you think.

Posted by Jason Lee 2003-01-29

The trackers are now available

I have reenabled all of the trackers (bugs, feature requests, etc). I had disabled them because I thought that it was weird to track bugs for a bug tracking system on some other system, but the PHP and/or Apache config for is weird and doesn't seem to like the login/cookie mechanism Bosco uses. So, since that's not working, I'll use the tracker. I'll keep trying to get Bosco to work on as that is my preferred method, but until that day comes, I'll have to make do.

Posted by Jason Lee 2003-01-27

Bosco version 0.6 released

I released Bosco 0.6 today. As far as I can tell, it's pretty bug free (though not feature complete). My testing hasn't turned up any bugs, but it's not very effective to test your own code, so I made my first official release. Any extended use will show incomplete features here and there, which some may consider bugs. I'm working on hard on finishing those features as I target the eventual 1.0 release. I need to spend some time and make a note of all the features that are not implemented and develop a formal roadmap. I'll have that done before I release 0.7. I also hope to have Bosco running soon at for bug tracking. I'll be eating my own dog food, if you'll excuse the pun. Please hammer it and let know what you find. And what you think. :)

Posted by Jason Lee 2003-01-02

MySQL Support

I added initial support for MySQL. I was reminded during this process that the current production MySQL does not support subselects, so I had to rework that. My goal is to have a single function that products SQL that will work on any (near) SQL-92 compliant database, even if it's braindead like MySQL (that's a joke. No flames, please). There will be more issues (I can think of one -- regex searches), but I haven't run across them yet.

Posted by Jason Lee 2002-12-19

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