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bootE v0.20-r2 released!

The second release candidate for bootE Linux version 0.20 is out. In addition to a few minor adjustments, support for MS-DOS and VFAT file systems were compiled back into the kernel. Furthermore support for ReiserFS was added. For more details please refer to the ChangeLog file (

Posted by Kristen Pind 2003-08-30

New release candidate

bootE Linux version 0.20-r1 is out. It's a release candidate to v0.20 and it therefore still requires some testing. Version 0.20-r1 is a major improvement compared to version 0.10, because it includes more utilities and the kernel now actually supports the generic i386 processor.
It is now also possible to download the complete bootE Linux project as a tarball.

Posted by Kristen Pind 2003-02-19