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Boot-Info, simple tool to diagnose the boot of the computer.

  • Easy-to-use (1 click ! )
  • Free (GPL open-source license)
  • Helpful (helps to get help by email or on your favorite forum)

Boot-Info main menu

GET BOOT-INFO: whatever the systems installed on your disk,

  • boot on a Debian (or derivatives: Ubuntu, Linux Mint...) disk, either normal session, or live-CD, or live-USB. Then install Boot-Info in it, either via PPA for Ubuntu/Mint, or DEBs for Debian.

Launch Boot-Info, then choose the type of report you prefer (either local or online).

GET HELP: by Email (boot.repair@gmail.com)

HELP THE PROJECT: Translate, Propose patches, or Donate

DISCLAIMER: Boot-Info is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but without any warranty. Please be aware that Boot-Info writes logs&backups on disks, collects anonymous statistics about its use, and creates Pastebin (if you select that option) containing basic system data such as partition labels, UUIDs and mount points.