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Bookr 0.7.1 released

Bookr 0.7.1 is mostly a bug fix release. It fixes many of the problems with image heavy PDF files and adds support for CJK fonts in PDF documents.

- Added support for PDF files with Chinese, Japanese and Korean text.
- Added a memory usage counter.
- Added single line scroll for the analog pad in the text viewer.
- Bookr will now try to block images from loading in PDF files when it is
runing low on memory.
- Fixed many memory leaks in the image loader for PDF files. Bookr can load
and display PDF files with more images than before.
- Fixed memory leaks releasing the PDF viewer singleton.
- Restored full page scroll with cursor buttons.
- Fixed font corruption for large font sizes in the text viewer.
- Fixed page positions in the text viewer after changing the font size and/or
font rotation. Bookmarks for text files are not compatible with older

Posted by carloscm 2006-08-15

Bookr 0.7.0 released

- New toolbar interface, use the SELECT key to enable it.
- New bookmark system.
- Support for non-DRM PalmDoc/Mobipocket files (PDB/PRC extension.)
- Text-only support for basic HTML files.
- Screen rotation.
- New zoom options for PDF files.
- CPU and bus speed options.
- Option to disable page numbering labels.
- Option to invert PDF colors and to change out of bounds margin color.
- Added display of battery charge and clock to menu and toolbar.
- Fixed last folder viewing in the filechooser.
- Fixed centering in both PDF rendering modes.

Posted by carloscm 2006-04-09

Bookr 0.6.0 released

- Added a bookmarks menu with support for multiple user bookmarks.
- Added a fast scroll mode for PDF files.
- Added selectable font, font size and colors for the plain text viewer.
Supports any TrueType font.
- Fixed centering of landscape PDF files. Only available in fast scroll mode.
- Minor UI enhancements, like scrollbars for long menus and error and warning

Posted by carloscm 2005-10-11

Bookr 0.5.2 released

This version includes bookmark support contributed by da5id. Also many crashes related to DRM PDFs have been fixed, and error reporting has been added for invalid or unreadable PDF files.

Thanks to everybody for the feedback!

Note: if you report a crasher bug please try to upload the file and provide an URL, or find the same file online and provide an URL. This will help a lot in fixing the bug.

Posted by carloscm 2005-09-28

First public version of Bookr released: 0.5.1

This is the first public release for the project. Features include zoom, custom controls, a fast plain text viewer and nice menus.

Posted by carloscm 2005-09-27

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