#75 error: output folder on network drive

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Hi. I am trying out the new snapshot (20120930, 32bit, Win 7) and I really like the bigger font and the fact that I can now easily change the song details before ripping (because finally I can move around the interface by using all the normal Window keys!). Very good! Thanks!

However, I encountered a problem that did not exist in v1.0.20a: If I go to Options and change the "output folder" to a folder that is on the network (for example, "\server\music"), fre:ac tells me "The output folder doesn't exist. Do you want to create it?". I click "no" (because the folder already exists!!) and when I then start to rip a CD I get an error that the file could not be created. If I choose a local folder everything works fine.
In fre:ac 1.0.20a I can rip to the network folder without problems.

One more thing: the version of the encoders is not visible within fre:ac - without your readme file I wouldn't know that you updated Lame to 3.99.5
Maybe you could add this info to the encoder screen?


  • Robert Kausch

    Robert Kausch - 2012-11-30

    Thanks for reporting this. A fix is now in CVS and will be included in the next snapshot.

    I put the encoder version request on my to do list.

  • Robert Kausch

    Robert Kausch - 2012-11-30
    • status: open --> pending
    • milestone: --> v1.0_(example)
  • Robert Kausch

    Robert Kausch - 2012-11-30
    • milestone: v1.0 --> v1.1
  • Robert Kausch

    Robert Kausch - 2013-05-09
    • status: pending --> closed
  • Anonymous - 2013-08-23

    fre:ac on Windows 7 x64: permanent error from system speaker.


  • Robert Kausch

    Robert Kausch - 2013-08-27

    I'm not quite sure what you mean by "permanent error from system speaker", but fre:ac does not access the system speaker in any way.

    If you mean that sometimes the main window of snapshot 20130430 will be locked after startup and produce a system beep when clicked, that error will be fixed in the next snapshot. For 20130430, please just kill and restart fre:ac if this happens.



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