#53 burn/image creation fails: unknown mkisofs flag -q


Trying to burn a data CD/DVD or to create an ISO image file fails every time: "this version of mkisofs doesn't seem to be supported". I'm running brasero-0.5.1.

Running 'brasero --debug' reveals that an option "-q" is passed to mkisofs together with option "-print-size" (src/burn-mkisofs.c, line# 655). However, none of the mkisofs versions I know of supports this flag (cdrtools-2.01, cdrtools-2.01.01a23, cdrkit-1.1.2):

[root@disclosure]:~/usrlocal/stow# ./cdrtools-2.01/bin/mkisofs -help 2>&1 | grep -- -q
-quiet Run quietly
[root@disclosure]:~/usrlocal/stow# ./cdrtools-2.01.01a23/bin/mkisofs -help 2>&1 | grep -- -q
-quiet Run quietly
[root@disclosure]:~/usrlocal/stow# ./cdrkit-1.1.2/bin/genisoimage -help 2>&1 | grep -- -q
-quiet Run quietly

So, the "-q" flag obviously has to be changed to either "-quiet" if it is supposed to mean that, or to the proper option providing whatever else "-q" is supposed to mean.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    this bug was fixed on gnome svn thats where we keep our sources and bugs. Please next time report bugs on gnome bugzilla

  • Thomas Zajic

    Thomas Zajic - 2007-02-12

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    Okay, will do. Thanks!


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