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Moving to Java

After much thought, I decided to move the entire project to java. This gives us a nice cross-platform backend to work with. For what its worth, this project doesn't need to be lightning fast so java will do just fine in that regard. I will be using Swing for the interface and be drawing on a JPanel for the actual viewable area.

Posted by Tim Hoeppner 2008-06-11

Basic Website Running!

I have setup a quick and dirty website, just did a little PHP work to grab the news RSS feed from in order to automatically update the website.


Posted by Tim Hoeppner 2007-08-12

Qt or Win32?

So I've been doing some research on Qt since I run linux as my primary operating system and was quite pleased as to what I found. As far as I can tell, anything you write with the Qt API is completely cross-platform between windows, X11 and mac without any code changes!

Heres the thing... Most of the circuit design and development software is for windows exclusively, so thats what I use when i'm doing any circuit stuff. Now, is it worth learning a new API just so that I can run this software on my linux box too? I think I would be sold without a doubt if the "Visual Studio.NET" Qt plugin was available for free, but you have to fork out a couple thousand dollars for that. ... read more

Posted by Tim Hoeppner 2007-08-10

Up and running!

Thanks to sourceforge this project now has a nice workspace to begin with. I have begun development of the board printer and hope to have a beta out soon enough. If anyone wants to join the project please drop me a line.

Posted by Tim Hoeppner 2007-08-09

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