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Version 0.5 released

As of February 18th, 2010 a new version of Blueprint XAS is available.
This new version incorporates a pre-fitting toolbox which allows the user to Calibrate and Average ASCII raw data as obtained from synchrotron facilities.

Still pending is the tutorial with detailed examples.

Posted by Mario Delgado 2010-02-19

New Version Available

A new version (Version 0.4) is now avialble as of January 30th,2010.

In this version, several bugs were removed from the Post-Fitting toolbox from which, some of the tools were not fully functional unless at least one function from each panel (Edges, Peaks and Background) were present as part of the fit model.

In addition, A simulator assitant is now avilable and accesible thyough the Peaks panel (Simulation). With this tool, the TD-DFT output file from ADF or the xy file from a TT-Multiplet can be read to ultimately export the sticks as modeled peak functions to fit in Blueprint XAS. ... read more

Posted by Mario Delgado 2010-01-31