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I am running Mac OS X on a G4 Powerbook.
I'm using FinkCommander to install fink software, and am very happy with it. I've run into the first problem with the BLT package.The installation of BLT using Fink does the following:1> Download BLT source from head of CVS2> Compile BLT source3> Build libBLT.a and libBLTlite.a4> Install libBLT.a and libBLTlite.a in /sw/lib/5> Install blt scripts in /sw/lib/blt/*.tclRunning an application which requires BLT always results in a complaint that /sw/lib/libBLT.dylib cannot be found.Now on Linux, if I have a *.a file I can create a *.so file by: % ar x libblt.a % ld -shared -o libblt.so *.o

on Mac OS X, if I try:

% ar x libblt.a% ld -dylib -o libblt.dylib *.old: common symbols not allowed with MH_DYLIB output format

I get a couple of files (bltUnixImage.o, bltGraph.o) with common symbols.

If I download the raw source from sourceforge, the config script does not recognize the system type.

Before I sink anymore effort into this, is there already available a dylib version of the BLT library?
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    Look in the latest autoconf config.sub scripts. The only
    usable library on MacOS X is a .dylib but it must be
    compiled with some flags like -fno-common -dynamic. That is
    as far as I can remember. Check the docs.
    Bill Northcott

  • Bill Northcott

    Bill Northcott - 2003-01-09

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    Patches to build BLT on MacOS X are in the Patches section.
    10 Jan 03


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