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Beta version released

This version has many new features like next/prev unread item selection, atom 0.3 support. And many bugs were fixed.

You can use this version without any big suprise. :-)

Posted by Wongoo Lee 2004-08-18

Alpha version released

Alpha version was just released. It adds some new features and enhances its functions.

The following is the change logs.

1. Add "Add Current Url" to the context menu of TreeView.

2. Add 'Favorite' menu.

3. Add 'Open Rss Site' menu.

4. Use uniform date format for sorting of multiple groups.

5. Add commentRss to update item process.

6. Enhance RSS parsing and comments handling.

7. Fix update period calculation bug. ... read more

Posted by Wongoo Lee 2004-08-07

CVS module names

Currently, there are two modules;

The first is 'BlogReader' that is consists of Java codes. It's the main module of this project.

Another is 'BRLauncher' that is written in C codes. It's just Java application launcher.

Use these names if you want to see the codes of CVS.


Posted by Wongoo Lee 2004-08-05

Pre-Alpha version released

The Pre-Alpha version was released. It has many many known problems and unknown bugs. :-) But you can start to use it for reading blogs because it is functioning properly in the basic usages.

This version is the first release of BlogReader project. From now on, I'll try to enhance this program.

Send any inconvenience or bugs to this site.


Posted by Wongoo Lee 2004-08-04