#39 possible bug in Blat (or at gmail.com ?)


First, many thanks to Blat developers for great job.
I've found a possible bug:
1. I run Blat with -raw option:

"blat.exe letter.txt -raw -ss -noh2 -server localhost -f "<name@domain.com>" -timestamp -to recipient@gmail.com"

the example of letter.txt is attached - this is just a multipart message.


  • Michael

    Michael - 2012-11-22

    to test with -raw option and gmail address.

  • Michael

    Michael - 2012-11-22

    if you send this to gmail user, the message will not be displayed correctly in gmail web interface! all other clients (outlook, winmail, web interfaces other than gmail , etc etc ) will display it correctly.

    reason: thought there is already Content-Type header in raw file letter.txt, Blat adds additional "Content-Type: text/plain" header, and it gmail does not process multiple "Content-Type" headers correctly.
    I suggest to add an additional option to blat, like "-nocontenttype", to prevent it from adding this header if the raw file already has it.
    thank you!

  • Chip

    Chip - 2012-11-27

    I added code this past weekend to look for "Content-Type:" or "Content-Transfer-Encoding:" in the message body, and to not add these headers if they do exist. This is supposed to apply only when using the -raw/-penguin option. This change is going into version 3.1.0.



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