#20 AutoIt version of blatdll.h


When using blat.dll and putting non Latin characters in the body, etc., Blat sends Gibberish instead of Unicode.
It may be because we're supposed to use blatdll.h. Alas, blatdll.h was meant for C++, while I'd like to use it with AutoIt.
Can you make a similar file for AutoIt?


  • Chip

    Chip - 2014-06-21

    I don't have AutoIt, so I don't know what is required, nor am I very interested in learning yet another program that is of no value to me at home or in my career.

    Blatdll.h is meant for C or C++, both are quite common programming languages. If you need scripting support, Blat is not it. However, since AutoIt claims to support calling DLLs, maybe you can find out what AutoIt is expecting. Otherwise, you might find more help by posting your requests to the Yahoo! discussion group for Blat at https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/blat/info, or asking the AutoIt forums for guidance on how to call DLLs that provide a C type interface.

  • Chip

    Chip - 2014-06-22

    I searched Google for "autoit call dll" and came up with this link that describes DllCall function in AutoIt. It took me all of a few seconds.


    Based on the description for DllCall, here are some examples for calling Blat.dll. However, is it really necessary to call the DLL instead of using the EXE?

    DllCall ( "blat.dll", "INT" "SendW", "WSTR", "your string" )

    DllCall ( "blat.dll", "INT" "SendA", "STR", "your string" )

    DllCall ( "blat.dll", "INT" "Blat", "INT", "15", "WSTR", "-", "WSTR", "-q", "WSTR", "-body", "WSTR", "Sending file1.txt", "WSTR", "-attacht", "WSTR", "file1.txt", "WSTR", "-s", "WSTR", "Test message sending file1.txt", "WSTR", "-p", "WSTR", "news", "WSTR", "-groups", "WSTR", "alt.binaries.test", "WSTR", "-debug", "WSTR", "-overwritelog", "WSTR", "-log", "WSTR", "nntp1.txt")

    DllCall ( "blat.dll", "INT" "SendW", "WSTR", "- -q -hdrencq -log R:\email.log -overwritelog -superdebug -priority 1 -to myself -subject \"Test nastavení: ěščřžýáíé\" -body \"Test nastavení: ěščřžýáíé\"")

    I do not know if AutoIt can handle the \" or \ in the last example. I leave that to you to find out.


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