#55 Multiple body content arguments no longer appended together


When multiple -body arguments are added to the command line or an -optionFile is provided with an included -body argument in addition to a -body argument on the command line the pieces of body content are no longer appended. Instead only the last -body argument is used.

This behavior has changed with the release of version 3.0.0+.

2.6.2 - SUCCESS - Multiple body contents appended
2.7.5 - SUCCESS - Multiple body contents appended
2.7.6 - SUCCESS - Multiple body contents appended
3.0.0 - FAIL - Does not append
3.0.7 - FAIL - Does not append

blat -server mail.x.y -mailFrom joe@x.y -to patty@x.y -subject "corn" -body "Hi there|" -body "- Joe"
-> v3.x - Received message body includes only "- Joe"

[ ## above.opt
[ -server mail.x.y
[ -mailFrom joe@x.y
[ -body "I say this for every e-mail||"
blat -optionFile above.opt -to patty@x.y -subject "corn" -body "Enjoy the peas!||- Joe"
-> v3.x - Received message body includes only "Enjoy the peas!||- Joe"

The first example (i.e. two -body arguments) is a bit silly, but the second (i.e. -body argmuents in option file and on command line) is useful for providing static text at the beginning of every message body


  • Chip

    Chip - 2012-11-17

    This was a "feature" in versions 2.6.2 through 2.7.6, but fixed in 3.0 in order to support Unicode. I just added this "feature" into a test version of 3.1.0. However, I need to know which build you need so I can upload the correct one for you to test.


  • Jim

    Jim - 2012-11-19

    I use the 64-bit version primarily, but the 32-bit will work too.

  • Jim

    Jim - 2012-11-19

    Correction, I would like to use the 64bit version, but I haven't upgraded to the 3.x line due to this issue. Either bit-edness will work.

  • Chip

    Chip - 2013-04-20

    Has this issue been resolved for you, Jim?

  • Jim

    Jim - 2013-04-29

    I'll grab the latest version, give it a try and report back. Thanks.

  • Jim

    Jim - 2013-04-30

    I tried the 3.1.1 32 and 64bit versions and both work as desired. Thank you!


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