Chip - 2008-03-15

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Is it possible that your files to be attached are not in the same directory where you are executing from? In other words, if you are in a command prompt window and run your Blat command line, are the files to be attached in that directory you are in, or are they located elsewhere?

I just tried running with the -af option and it went through for me, both according to the log file and according to my email reader, but I had the files located in my current directory, which is a ramdisk I assigned to B:.

Volume in drive B is MS-RAMDRIVE
Volume Serial Number is 1234-5678

Directory of B:\

07/24/2007 09:18 PM 131 op1.txt
07/24/2007 09:18 PM 131 op2.txt
07/24/2007 09:18 PM 131 op3.txt
03/15/2008 09:31 AM 25 op.txt
4 File(s) 418 bytes
0 Dir(s) 16,732,160 bytes free

B:\>type op.txt

B:\>blat - -body "Testing -af option" -t myself -p attmail -s "testing -af" -af op.txt -superdebug -log blat.log