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Game back Online

Well just a heads up to say I have got around to setting back up a running game, which has been running for the last few days without any issues.

This game will be a monthly running game and will also get some bug fixes when found.

This running game will be here while I create the new desktop version of the game.

Posted by Paul Kirby 2017-07-08 Labels: Status Update Game Update

Server is moving... [Move Completed]

Well its that time, I thought it would never happen, but is moving to a new server.

Whether it will go smoothly is another story, lets hope Ron gets my email and redirects the domain to the new IP.


Posted by Paul Kirby 2016-06-15 Labels: Status Update

Started back up the Forums...

Hello All

Thanks to all those that have emailed me asking about my health and if Blacknova will every come back up.

Well my health isn't too bad, not ideal, but ok.

As for the status of Blacknova as a whole, hmm that's a different story.

As most of you was expecting for everything to be moved over to the new server, well, the owner of that server i.e. my younger brother has been way too busy with RL stuff work and all and of course this will be the last thing on his mind, which is fine, we are not paying nothing so we cannot moan at all.... read more

Posted by Paul Kirby 2016-03-15 Labels: Status Update Forums Back down for relocation...

Hello All

As some of you may already know the main site is offline ready for relocation to a much faster server with a more stable connection.

As far as I am aware its a dedicated rack server based in a data centre located in France and its running an Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790K CPU @ 4.00GHz with 32GB of Ram, running the latest Ubuntu off 2 SSD Drives, so like I said it should be rather fast.

The day of move is currently unknown due to the new server is not yet ready, but I have disabled the Fourms for now so that the forums database doesn't go out of sync with the transfered version.... read more

Posted by Paul Kirby 2015-10-21 Labels: Status Update Server Down for relocation

Domain Issues...

Thanks to all that have emailed me concerning the issues accessing the forums etc, I have looked into this and it seems that is no longer pointing to our server, so maybe Ron has some plans in the works or if its the end for Blacknova.

I have sent Ron an email to confirm this so I won't know until I hear back from him.

Posted by Paul Kirby 2015-05-07 Labels: Status Update

Forums are now back up...

Hell All

Just letting you all know that I have re-opened and upgraded our Forums.

However the Games are still Offline due to health issues.

Posted by Paul Kirby 2015-03-27 Labels: Status Update

Games and Forum Shutdown until further notice

Sorry to say this but I have some very bad news for you all.
It seems that Google and a few other mail providers have decided on blocking all of our emails sent from our email server, this along with ill health and other issues I have closed all our games and forums until further notice.

Like I have said on our site sorry to the long playing users that have stuck with us from the start, but I currently have no choice but to close down the site until this all gets resolved.

Posted by Paul Kirby 2014-09-11

Server Down for relocation.

Just found out by the owner of the server (Brother) that the Server is being relocated today (05th June 2014) or tomorrow (06 June 2014) so the whole site will be down including all emails, so there is no point sending emails to me asking when it will be back up due to I won't get them until its back up.

All game updates etc while server is down and being relocated will not happen so please don't ask for the updates.... read more

Posted by Paul Kirby 2014-06-05 Labels: Server Relocation

BNT (Original) is up and needs testing.

Hello All

Sorry for the long wait but we have finally cleaned up the code a bit and
incorporated the known fixes and are due to release this version, but we
need your help to test as much of it as possible.
We need every part of the game tested.

All that you have to do is signup and play the game as usual and if you see
some errors/warning message displayed or even stuff not being displayed
post it on the forums in the following section: read more

Posted by Paul Kirby 2012-07-18

We are back...

Hello All

Just letting you all know that we are coming back and will be hosted on a Free Dedicated Rack Server so no more banners and faster page loads.

I am currently working on getting the new forums up and running first, that way we can inform you lot on whats going on.

Once the forums are up and running how we want it I will setup BNT1 how we had it when it was run on Ron's Server, and once we have ironed out the issues from the server migration, I wil then open up the other 2 games.... read more

Posted by Paul Kirby 2012-02-22

BNT Main Site Down....

Hello All

Most of you have noticed that the main site for BNT has been down for about 2 weeks now, I am not sure when the site will be back up, so I am posting this news to let you all know.

All I can say is that Ron is having issues with his ISP, I have asked Ron for all the game files to be zipped up and emailed to me so that I can continue the coding that I was working on, I may also be able to run a couple of CUSTOM games until Ron gets his server back up running.... read more

Posted by Paul Kirby 2011-06-13

BNT 0.41 Released

Version 0.41 of BlackNova Traders is now out. This is a bugfix-only release, no new features were added. All known exploits and bugs were patched in this version. See the release notes for a list of the fixes.

Posted by Marc-Andre Fortier 2002-07-26

BNT 0.4 Released

Version 0.4 of the Blacknova Traders php game is now available for download. Includes many new features and the ever-present bug fixes. See the file CHANGES for details.

Posted by Marc-Andre Fortier 2002-06-20

Blacknova Traders version 0.36 released

Significant changes - experimental support added for running Blacknova Traders without cron.

Version 0.36 Released 29 April 2002

David Rowlands (29 April 2002)

Documentation updates.
Traderoutes now dispay planets in sector order.

David Rowlands (26 April 2002)

Added who's online display based on code and suggestions from dragonmageus, loskutak
and the mightydude.... read more

Posted by David Rowlands 2002-04-29

Version 0.35 released

Version 0.35 of Blacknova Traders has been released.

Posted by David Rowlands 2002-03-05

Blacknova Traders 0.3.1 released

Version 0.3.1 is now available for download. Changes since the last version include new log system, anti-cheat measures, new IGB and support for multiple languages.

Posted by Marc-Andre Fortier 2002-01-05

Blacknova version 0.3 released

Version 0.3 has been released. Completely rewritten traderoute and sector defence code. Look and feel improvements.

Posted by David Rowlands 2001-11-18

BlackNova Traders 0.2.0 Released

BlackNova Traders is a web based massively multiplayer tradewars based game - using php and mysql. A demo of the game is available at

i have to publicly thank David Rowlands for making this release happen while I have been preoccupied with finding a job. If it wasn't for him, you'd still be waiting on the next version, and it wouldn't be half as good.

This new version will go up shortly at both and

Posted by Ron Harwood 2001-10-16

BlackNova Traders 0.1.14 released

BlackNova Traders is a web based massively multiplayer tradewars based game - using php and mysql. A demo of the game is available at

New features include:
- Teams/alliances
- Fixes for exploits (no more 'crystal ball' sectors).
- DB changes to allow for news/mines/sector fighters
- bug fixes.

Posted by Ron Harwood 2001-06-27

BlackNova Traders v 0.1.12 released

BlackNova Traders is a web based massively multiplayer tradewars based game - using php and mysql. A demo of the game is available at

New features include:
- Major UI changes and graphics (optional to player)
- Database locks in critical moments (trading/attacking/system update/etc.)
- Ranking system rework... score is now more fairly calculated.
- bug fixes.

Posted by Ron Harwood 2001-03-02

BLackNova Traders v 0.1.11 released

BlackNova Traders is a web based massively multiplayer tradewars based game - using php and mysql. A demo of the game is available at

New features include:

  • Small UI changes
  • Database locks in critical moments (trading/attacking/system update/etc.)
  • Intergalactic Bank (will probably not be enabled)
  • Navigation computer (for finding links between sectors)
  • Automatic maximum units calculation during trading
  • Similar feature for special ports
  • Self-destruct feature
  • Ranking system was revised to take everything into account (the scores are also generated 'on-the-fly' while the player is online)
  • Fixed a number of small (and not-so-small bugs)
  • 'Last users' list
  • Help file was updated (can be brought up from the main menu) ... read more
Posted by Ron Harwood 2001-01-16

BlackNova Traders v. 0.1.10 released

Bug Fixes, exploit removal, and new game features.

New Features Include:

Planets now have player adjustable production goals.
Federation Space protects the first X (admin configurable) sectors of space for new players.
Reports have been updated an look much nicer.

Posted by Ron Harwood 2000-12-07

Gameflow chart

Check out - it is an adobe acrobat file that has the proposed game flow laid out in flow charts.

Posted by Ron Harwood 2000-11-14

BlackNova Traders 0.1.9 re-release...

Sorry - there was a file corruption problem with the .tar.gz file... it is fixed now.

Posted by Ron Harwood 2000-11-09

BlackNova Traders - now open source

BlackNova Traders is a web based massively multiplayer tradewars based game - using php and mysql - and the (very ugly) code has been released under the artistic license. A demo of the game is available at

Posted by Ron Harwood 2000-11-08