#1 Updated Swedish translation


This is the updated Swedish translation based on a late
TikiPro Beta


  • Jan Lindåker

    Jan Lindåker - 2005-07-14

    File to import (Swedish)

  • Stephan Borg

    Stephan Borg - 2005-07-24

    Logged In: YES

    Hi Jan,

    I compared your submitted patch with the current
    sv/languages.php file and apart from being alphabetically
    sorted, your file appears to be shorter. Secondly, you say
    "based on a late TikiPro Beta" - is this patch meant for
    Bitweaver 1.0.x?

    I don't want to overwrite a file that migh be more
    up-to-date - please let me know the status.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Logged In: NO

    Hi Wolf,

    The translation was indeed intended for Betweaver 1.0, but was done on a
    late TikiPro beta (hopefully no strings had changed) and the changed made
    was made out of context.

    It is a litte disturbing that the file is shorter than the current one - possibly
    this has to do withthe fact that the language file comes from TikiWiki and
    this translation was rather complete - but bitweawer has reomved som
    features, so that is perhaps the reason that some strings has dissaperaed..

    I have not had time to run throught all the modules in bitweaver with the
    new language file - perhaps it is better to leave the file in patches until I
    have had time to check things up.

    I also found a number of strange strings in lagnuage file which I have filed
    as a bug report. (I also did not have time to check if these strings remained
    it bitwevaer or not). Also it was my impression that Galaxia was not part of
    bitweaver/tikiPro at that time, but some Galaxia strings still remains.

    BR Jan

  • Stephan Borg

    Stephan Borg - 2006-03-26

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    Hello Jan,

    Is this patch no obsolete?


  • Jan Lindåker

    Jan Lindåker - 2006-03-26

    Logged In: YES

    If it has not been applied, i suggest that you leave things
    like they are. People that want to use the Swedish version
    can allways always donload the patch and use it instead of
    the language.php that is provided.

    The patch is not in patch format, but is an complete file.

    Be Jan

  • Stephan Borg

    Stephan Borg - 2006-09-02
    • status: open --> closed

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