• Daniel Soto

    Daniel Soto - 2012-04-05

    Some improvements:

    1) If you like to enable SFTP support then: copy file "/usr/libexec/sftp-server" from a dd-wrt router, and "voilà!" you can do scp from outside to your BitSwitcher router. I suggest also to install the dropbear plugin for a better SSH version.

    2) If you have problems with some ssh clients when you connect to the router, the problem is the welcome file: edit the file "/etc/" and remove all!

    3) I hope that in the next version some commands will be added to the busybox version of the firmware: more, find, rmdir, traceroute, reboot, gzip, tar, killall, which, hostname, zcat, sendmail, rx, etc. Why they are stripped from the stock firmware? Please, consider to add it in the next compilation of the firmware!

    4) Some additional tools that I suggest to add: htop, ldd, sz, uuencode, etc. In general, "ipkg-opt" support for install more tools (over CIFS or NFS client).

    I found this firmware awesome, but more improvements will be great!

  • TOMOK10

    TOMOK10 - 2012-04-09


    I’m running BS 0.3.10-prebuilt without additional software:

    - ‚dropbear’:  is running (‚ps’ -à ‚/bin/dropbear’)
    - winSCP->BS:   fully functional

    - ‚reboot’:      command is available
    - ‚killall’:      command is available

    - ‚’: ‚services/ssh/use issue’ -> ‚off’ (no need to edit)

    Thanks for your extended ‚index.cgi’ (+ DSL ‚upload/download’ in ‚home’).

    best regards

  • Daniel Soto

    Daniel Soto - 2012-04-09


    Thanks for your feedback about my patches. I hope the main developers will add them to the main branch.

    Related to my suggestions:

    * Now, I know the "" option in the GUI. A very good solution to the problem!

    * SFTP: Yes, SCP works; and WinSCP can do the work using the "SCP mode" (list directories with a SSH shell, and copy files with SCP). But a full support for SFTP can be very interesting (mainly for "mount" for a remote machine the filesystem using ssh). I suggest to compile the "sftp-server" and put it as an optional download.

    * BUSYBOX commands: Now I'm using 0.3.9_Annex_A firmware. I'm happy if the next version will include "reboot" and "killall". But why not include the following?

    - More: Yes, "less" is available, but for simple listing "more" is required.
    - Traceroute: In a "router" this tool is a high requirement.
    - Rmdir: "rm -rf" can do the same, but a Unix shell without it is anonying.
    - Which & Find: In a development environment these tools are very practical.
    - Tar, Gzip & Zcat: Very common tools.
    - Related to other tools: I can survive without them!

    * IPKG-OPT: Somebody wants to add support for this tool to run tools from 3rd party repositories?



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