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Version 1.2 of PICorpus released.

The Protein Interaction Corpus (PICorpus) is a corpus of protein interactions
of two signalling pathways in Drosophila.
Version 1.2 of the PICorpus contains an updated readme file and
a file of notes regarding the interactions annotated in the PICorpus.

Posted by Helen-Johnson 2007-09-10

Newly added resource to BioNLP-corpora!

BioNLP-Corpora now offers a new resource: a corpus of GeneRIFs annotated with pronominal anaphora and their antecedents.
Download the package Anaphora_Corpus-1.0 to view the data.

Posted by Helen-Johnson 2007-08-31

The BioNLP-Corpora project is up and running!

The BioNLP-Corpora project provides annotated corpora and dataset resources for biomedical and NLP researchers. Annotations in the corpora are both biological and linguistic in nature, and range in scope from
atomic entities like genes, proteins, and nouns to relationships like protein-protein interaction, protein transport, and syntactic dependency parses. We add new resources and updates to extant resources regu\ larly; check for the latest additions. ... read more

Posted by Helen-Johnson 2007-08-27