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Array Support & Moving Forward.

Making another breakthrough, BinaryPHP now has support for arrays. Thanks to Daeken for all his hard work and dedication to the project.
Next on Daeken's list is to complete class support. If you would like to help out see the DeveloperInfo page @ for more information on helping BinaryPHP.

Posted by Jeraimee Hughes 2003-08-31

BinaryPHP Proof of Concept Release

BinaryPHP has now finished it's first proof of concept design and structure. Examples included in the release are a simple IRC bot and the standard 'hello world' examples.

BinaryPHP can now convert basic PHP into functional and ready-to-run C++ code.

Posted by Jeraimee Hughes 2003-08-06


This project has existed for less than 2 weeks, and yet the base is nearly complete, and we have many many functions supported.

Within 1 week I aim to complete the entire base, and have all the functions required to make binaryphp able to convert itself fully to c++.

The only function left to be developed before BinaryPHP is able to do so is token_get_all(), which is being developed currently. From there, we have to develop the list(), class, and switch constructs, and it should be able to convert itself with no further coaxing.... read more

Posted by Cody Brocious 2003-07-30

Initial Import!

We have imported the prototype of BinaryPHP into CVS with the modulename binaryphp. Included is everything you need to convert a simple hello-world script to c++.

Happy Hacking,
Cody Brocious
(Daeken M. BlackBlade)

Posted by Cody Brocious 2003-07-19