bigloo2.2b: Old bugs fixed, the new one arise. The Lib example wont compile. May be, the right revision of cigloo is required, in this case the bigloo examples should not use cigloo at all, since it is from another distribution.

make[1]: Entering directory `/home/build/bigloo2.2b/examples/Lib'
cigloo point.h point.c > point.sch
cigloo: can't resolve symbol '__data_start'
/home/build/bigloo2.2b/bin/bigloo -unsafe -q -mkaddheap -mkaddlib -v2 make-lib.scm -addheap point.heap
. Heap
[reading /usr/local/lib/bigloo/2.2b/bigloo.heap]
. Module
[reading imported module POINT]
[reading include file point.sch]

1 type(s) used but not defined.

File "make-lib.scm", line 16, character 927:
# (import (point "scm-point.scm")))
# ^
# Undefined type used in export clause -- s-point_2d*
Stopping compilation...