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bibsearch v1.1 released!

bibsearch v1.1 was released today, 4 May 2009! It's literally nothing more than a maintenance release; even the code is identical to 1.0, but the texts have been corrected in a few places, and this version includes the new text.

May St. Jerome guide you in your reading of the Holy Scriptures.

Posted by dgoodmaniii 2009-05-05

bibsearch v1.0 released!

Here we are; we've finally arrived at bibsearch v1.0.

This release includes substantial improvements in usability, including the use of many different abbreviations for books of the Bible, or even the full name; better printing of results for onscreen viewing (they're broken now, instead of just flowing past the edge of the terminal and around the next line); and more helpful error messages (including in the bash script if you forget to alter it, which is easy but necessary).... read more

Posted by dgoodmaniii 2008-02-23

v0.9.8 Released

I'm pleased to announce the release of bibsearch

This version includes much-improved and clean-up
code, resulting in my faster queries; and in
improved get and buffer handling (including the
ability to save results in multiple languages to
the same buffer, and to get arbitrary ranges of
verses even across chapters).

Download at the usual place. St. Jerome, pray
for us; may this tool be a blessing and an
assistance in your studies of Sacred Scripture.

Posted by dgoodmaniii 2008-02-10

v0.9.2 released

bibsearch v0.9.2 is one more step toward a stable v1.0 (though this version, like previous ones, is rock-steady as it is). Now buffers can be saved in any location desired, simply by including the -d flag in the w _bufname statement, and after -d specifying a full pathname, with leading slash. Without the -d flag, bibsearch simply writes the buffer to the user's home directory.

Posted by dgoodmaniii 2008-01-28

v0.9.1 Released

Praise God, we're proud to announce the release of bibsearch v0.9.1.

This release is a minor bugfix release. The "-f" flag was fixed so that its use consistently results in the display of search results with book, chapter, verse, and text, while its omission results in the display only of book, chapter, and verse. Also, an oversight prevented the display of book name when searching from only a single book; this made searching buffers somewhat ambiguous. This has been fixed.... read more

Posted by dgoodmaniii 2008-01-10

Upload of v0.9

bibsearch v0.9 was officially released today. See prior news release for details. Also, the skeleton of the website was posted. More work on that shortly.

Posted by dgoodmaniii 2008-01-09

First Release: v0.9

bibsearch has been approved for hosting by (obviously) and v0.9 will be released tomorrow. Seriously, tomorrow; it's written, I just need to get to a high-speed connection to get it uploaded. Look for it around 12 noon EST. The web page should be up before that.

This release includes all the essentials: Latin and English support; citation getting; searching by regular expressions; and the full range of buffer management, including listing; printing to screen; saving; and searching (yes, you can search the buffers).... read more

Posted by dgoodmaniii 2008-01-08

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