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zbedic 1.2-2 released

This is a bug-fix release with several fixes for the new history
pop-up and the desktop version (thanks to Chr). See changelog for

Posted by Rafal Mantiuk 2007-08-12

zbedic 1.2 released

The history and the back/forward navigation buttons has been throughly
reimplemented to make them the same as the corresponding functions in
a web-browser. Additionally, for faster switch between often used
dictionaries, the dictionary pop-up list shows three most recently
used dictionaries at the top. The history listing is a great help for
those who learn languages, as it makes easy to revisit the unknown
words that one has come upon recently. The words can be then copied to
the favorite learning software (SuperMemo in my case) to make sure
they will be memorized and not forgotten.

Posted by Rafal Mantiuk 2007-06-07

Comprehensive list of zbedic dictionaries

zbedic has amazingly large collection of free dictionaries, which are nevertheless very difficult to find. To make searching for these dictionaries easier, I created a large list of available dictionaries. The list is probably not be complete or may have many wrong entries. I would therefore appreciate your help in correcting existing entries or adding new dictionaries. More information on the 'Dictionaries' page.

Posted by Rafal Mantiuk 2007-02-28

zbedic 1.1 released

zbedic now can be run on desktop! Binary packages for Debian and other
Linux distributions are available starting from this release. This
release has also several improvements for Zaurus version: images can
be included in dictionaries, redesigned 'add dictionary' interface and
new file dialogs.

Posted by Rafal Mantiuk 2006-06-05

zbedic 1.0.1 released

This release contains a few minor bug fixes. Update if you have
problem with displaying on-line help. The sources are tagged 'r_1_0_1'.

Posted by Rafal Mantiuk 2006-04-01

zbedic 1.0 final released - editable dictionaries!

This is the stable release that replaces the rc1. Several bugs, mostly
related with layout are fixed. The description pane should be no
longer cropped. Also, integration with Opie/Qt Reader is improved. The
manual is updated to describe the latest functionality. The sources
are tagged 'r_1_0'.

Posted by Rafal Mantiuk 2006-03-25

zbedic 1.0.rc1 released - editable dictionaries

The new major release of zbedic comes with a major new feature -
editable dictionaries. Now it is possible to edit existing
dictionaries or create new dictionaries, which can be filled with all
kind of content, from exotic languages to a cookbook. Because there
were major changes, this version is currently beta (marked rc1). If
you find any problems, report them using the Bugs tracker at the SF
project page.... read more

Posted by Rafal Mantiuk 2006-03-05

New dictionary: German Conjugation

A conjugation of German irregular verbs as a zbedic
dictionary will be useful for all who learn German. Check "German Conjugation" in "Files".

Posted by Rafal Mantiuk 2005-11-12

creating new dictionaries has never been so easy

The new version of libbedic includes a new command for creating bedic dictionaries: mkbedic. Unlike xerox, the input file format for this command is simplified, easier to read, and does not require inserting any non-ascii characters (see an example dictionary). But what is the most important, the new simplified format make it possible to create and modify dictionaries a text editor. See Documentation section below for more information.

Posted by Rafal Mantiuk 2005-06-27

add a keyboard shortcut customization to your application

The class used in ZBEDic for keyboard customization is simple, well documented, and decoupled from any part of ZBEDic. Therefore anyone should be able to easily integrate it with his/her own application. The source code is GPLed. If other license is needed, please contact me (rafm [at] users [dot] sourcefoege [dot] net). See [keyboard_shortcuts.h] and [keyboard_shortcuts.cpp].

Posted by Rafal Mantiuk 2005-06-27

zbedic 0.9.6 released

zbedic 0.9.6 is packed with new features. In this release all keyboard
shortcuts are fully configurable, so the problem with incompatible
keyboards layouts should be solved once and for all. Some users will
appreciate that the search for dictionaries can now be limited to a
single directory. To improve look, the new zbedic is equipped with
both large and small icons, so they can be rendered properly on both
small and large screens. The readability of dictionary entries has
also improved with a color syntax (unfortunately not on SL5500) and an
extended set of tags, which can enhance formating of entries.

Posted by Rafal Mantiuk 2005-06-23

zbedic 0.9.5 released

Numerous changes that should solve some issues on SL-Cx00 series, such as lack of keyboard shortcuts, or empty help pages. A new application menu duplicates all functions of the tool bar - useful if the icons do not fit into the tool bar. Finally, new zbedic can handle dictionaries up to 2GB and therefore it can be used to browse the latest dumps of the english Wikipedia.

xerox, which is the program used to index and sort zbedic dictionaries, was also updated. Now it shows more messages when it encounters any problems in dictionary file. Starting from 0.9.5 release xerox can also generate a tentative char-precedence list. See the updated bedic-format and xerox man page for more information.

Posted by Rafal Mantiuk 2005-04-17

zbedic 0.9.3-2 released

Mostly bug fixes and improved documentation. Back/forward navigation
should be more reliable and potential problems with reading some
library files may disappear. xerox can now handle huge dictionaries,
such as Wikipedia (thanks to Latchesar Ionkov).

Posted by Rafal Mantiuk 2005-01-30

zbedic 0.9.3-1 released

The major changes in 0.9.3 releases:

* Faster startup time

File system is no longer searched at each startup and integrity of
dictionary files is checked only when adding a new dictionary. It is
now possible to select "Fast load" option for zbedic.

* Improved browsing of complex dictionaries

Wikipedia can be easily browsed using back/forward navigation and
large articles can be scrolled using cursor keys.... read more

Posted by Rafal Mantiuk 2004-12-12

zbedic 0.9.2-3 released

New version of zbedic is released. The changes include:
*keyboard shortcuts
*better history
*customizable layout
*many small GUI improvements

Posted by Rafal Mantiuk 2004-11-22

zbedic 0.8.3 is released

New version of zbedic is released.

The most important changes are:
- zbedic looks for dictionaries using Qtopia document mechanism. You can store the dictionaries everywhere you like
- impoved startup time. The previous versions of zbedic created dictionary indices on startup. The new version has them saved in the dictionary file. The old dictionaries still work -- only the search time will be slower than before

Posted by Latchesar Ionkov 2002-05-22

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