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Release 1.1.3 - Bug Fix

Please, anyone using version 1.1.2 update to latest 1.1.3.

There's a fix for detected bug

Posted by Dario Garcia 2013-07-18

Bug on 1.1.2 release

We have discovered a nasty bug on recent version that ignores configuration "TREAT_AS_NULL" used in annotations.

This happens when using property chains to access a value on nested source objects, and there's a null in the chain. Latest version ingores the configuration and creates a new instance where there were none as if "CREATE_MISSING_INSTANCES" were used.

We are working to fix this on release 1.1.3. ASAP.

Posted by Dario Garcia 2013-07-18

Released 1.1.2

A lot has happened from previous version.

  • We discovered an old bug that caused a memory leak when undeploying a web application with bean2bean.
    The problem was the use of singletons as cache for population metadata.
    To fix it we eliminated the use of singletons and kept factory methods with defaults.

  • If using spring please check the new default configuration xml inside the jar (we moved to a subdir).... read more

Posted by Dario Garcia 2013-07-01

Released 1.0.5

Small "bug" fix to the way Annotated classes were treated.

Originally primitive type had precedence whether destination type had annotations or not.
Now, if you use CopyFrom, CopyTo, or CopyFromAndTo you can convert from primitives

Posted by Dario Garcia 2013-05-25

Released 1.0.3

Wow, almost two years from last release. Seems like an eternity for a development project.

But don't be worried because we were using and testing bean2bean on different production projects and made some small but important changes so now it's easier, faster and very clean.

One of the key features is the addition of an internal cache for resolution of converters, so whenever you make a conversion between two types the best converter is remembered so the second time is faster.... read more

Posted by Dario Garcia 2012-03-06

Preparing 1.0 release

For this release we have fixed some bugs, optimized accesory classes and we are migrating the code to git

Posted by Dario Garcia 2011-11-18

0.9 released!

This release has enormous performance optimizations.
CopyFromTo annotation was also added to reduce annotation verbosity.


Posted by Dario Garcia 2010-03-04

Awesome performance

I've managed to gain an average 96% speed boost for reflection interpreter. You won't believe how fast it is!

Be ready to update to next version because 0.9 will be incredible.

Posted by Dario Garcia 2010-03-03

0.9 will be performance release

Working on improving performance.
Be prepared for a boosted version!

Posted by Dario Garcia 2010-02-28

0.8 released!

An incredible version this is!

Creation of nested objects while populating is now supported. Ognl is not a mandatory dependency anymore, now is just an interpreter language you can choose.
Native reflection expressions were added as an interpreter language with better performance than Ognl. (see results here:\).

Posted by Dario Garcia 2010-02-25

0.7 released!

After some API changes, improved code and simplified annotations Bean2Bean is made easier for you and your mappings.

Included on this version:
- Improved API usage. Less verbose annotations and simpler structure
- Support for nested properties on setter expressions
- Richer documentation and use cases on

Posted by Dario Garcia 2010-02-17

0.7-alpha released!

This version includes all the functionality but is still under development. You should expect API changes on future versions

Posted by Dario Garcia 2010-02-10

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